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Leipzig, Germany
(Est. 1409)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Vincentius Schmuckn/a48Lutherann/a
Faculty of Hebrew
Valentin HartungProf. of Hebrew (1552-1556) 2Lutherann/a
Anton MargarithaProf. of Hebrew (?-?) 8Lutherann/a
Faculty of Law
Christian ThomasiusProf. of Natural Law (1684-1690) 99Lutheranen de | ADB | Scholasticon
Christian WeidlingProf. of Law (1719-?) 37Lutherande | ADB
Faculty of Philosophy
Joachim CamerariusProf. of Classical Philology (1541-1574) 57LutheranBBKL | NDB
Victor StrigelProf. of Philosophy (1563-1567) 69Lutheran, Reformeden de | ADB | VGT
Wilhelm HildenProf. of Greek, Logic, & Ethics (1575-1581) 5LutheranADB
Heinrich HöpfnerProf. of Logic (1612-1617) 43LutheranADB
Hieronymus KromayerProf. of History (1643-1647) 69Lutherande | NDB
Johann Adam ScherzerProf. of Logic (1654-1658) 50Lutherande | ADB | BBKL
Friedrich RappoltProf. of Poetry (1656-1670) 22LutheranADB | SB
Johann Adam ScherzerProf. of Hebrew (1658-1667) 50Lutherande | ADB | BBKL
Valentin AlbertiProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1663-1672) 140Lutherande en | BBKL | NDB
Valentin FridericiProf. (adjunct) of Philosophy (1664-1692) 20Lutherande | Zedler
Johann Benedict Carpzov, IIProf. of Moral Philosophy (1665-1668) 62Lutheranen de | BBKL
Otto MenckeProf. of Practical Philosophy (1669-?) 8Lutheranen de | NDB
Joachim FellerProf. of Poetry (1676-?) 7Lutherande | NDB
Adam RechenbergProf. of Greek, Latin, & History (1677-1699) 92LutheranADB
Johannes CyprianProf. of Physics (1678-1700) 9LutheranZedler
Johann SchmidProf. of Eloquence (1685-1700) 22LutheranADB | Jöcher | Zedler
Johann Georg AbichtProf. of Hebrew (1702-1711) 76Lutherande en | ADB | Zedler
Christian Friedrich BörnerProf. of Moral Philosophy (1707-1710) 4LutheranADB | SB
Johann August ErnestiProf. of Philosophy (1742-1759) 16LutheranNDB
Christian August CrusiusProf., adjunct of Philosophy (1744-1750) 17LutheranNDB
Ernst Friedrich WernsdorfProf. of Philosophy (1746-?) 19Lutherande
Samuel Friedrich Nathanael MorusProf. of Philosophy (1761-1768) 0LutheranADB
Samuel Friedrich Nathanael MorusProf. of Latin & Greek (1768-1778) 0LutheranADB
Ernst Wilhelm HempelProf. of Philosophy (1776-1787) 4Lutherann/a
Faculty of Philosophy and Medicine
Simon SimoniProf. of Philosophy and Medicine (1569-1580) 47n/an/a
Faculty of Theology
Alexander AlesiusProf. of Theology (1542-1565) 62Lutheran, Reformeden de | BBKL | DNB1 | DNB2 | NDB
Johannes MentzelProf. of Hebrew (1544-1552) 0Lutherann/a
Johannes PfeffingerProf. of Theology (1544-1573) 33Lutheranen de | ADB | VGT
Heinrich SalmuthProf. of Theology (1556-?) 8Lutherande | ADB
Peter HelbornProf. of Hebrew (1558-1563) 3Lutherann/a
Andreas KnauerProf. of Theology (1558-1562) 2Lutherann/a
Peter HelbornProf. of Theology (1563-1573) 3Lutherann/a
Andreas FreyhubProf. of Theology (1565-1576) 2Lutheran, Reformedde | ADB
Zacharias SchilterProf. of Hebrew (1567-1573) 17Lutherande | ADB | VGT
Nikolaus SelneckerProf. of Theology (1568-1570) 335Lutherande | ADB
Johannes NebelthauProf. of Hebrew (1573-1577) 0Lutherann/a
Zacharias SchilterProf. of Theology (1573-1604) 17Lutherande | ADB | VGT
Wolfgang HarderProf. of Theology (1574-1592) 1LutheranADB
Nikolaus SelneckerProf. of Theology (1574-1589) 335Lutherande | ADB
Elias HutterProf. of Hebrew (1577-1579) 7Lutherann/a
Burkhard HarbartProf. of Theology (1580-1614) 4Lutherann/a
Simon GedikeProf. of Hebrew (1581-1586) 38Lutherann/a
Georg JustProf. of Hebrew (1586-1592) 0Lutherann/a
Hans Christoph GundermannProf. of Theology (1590-1591) 0Lutherann/a
Balthasar SartoriusProf. (extraordinarius) of Theology (1597-1609) 4LutheranADB | SB
Cornelius BeckerProf. of Theology (1599-1604) 23Lutherande | NDB
Georg WeinrichProf. of Theology (1599-1617) 34LutheranADB
Johann MülmannProf. of Theology (1607-1613) 13Lutherann/a
Sigismund BadehornProf. of Hebrew (1610-1626) 10Lutherande
Polykarp Leyser, IIProf. of Theology (1613-1633) 44Lutheranen de | ADB
Christoph Wilhelm WalpurgerProf. of Theology (1614-1623) 20LutheranZedler
Heinrich HöpfnerProf. of Theology (1617-1642) 43LutheranADB
Jacob Andreas GraulProf. of Hebrew (1618-1633) 1Lutherann/a
Johann HöpnerProf. of Theology (1619-1645) 56Lutherann/a
Thomas WeinrichProf. of Theology (1628-1629) 8LutheranZedler
Christian LangeProf. of Theology (1629-1657) 36LutheranZedler
Andreas BauerProf. of Hebrew (1634-1637) 12LutheranZedler
Moritz BurchardProf. of Theology (1634-1637) 5LutheranZedler
Andreas BauerProf. of Theology (1637-1638) 12LutheranZedler
Johann BaldoviusProf. of Hebrew (1638-1639) 3LutheranZedler
David AuerbachProf. of Theology (1639-1647) 3Lutherande
Martin GeierProf. of Hebrew (1639-1643) 41LutheranADB
Jeremias WeberProf. (extraordinarius) of Theology (1640-1643) 4LutheranZedler
Daniel HenriciProf. of Theology (1642-1666) 4Lutherann/a
Johann Benedict Carpzov, IProf. of Theology (1643-1657) 14Lutherande | BBKL
Johann Hülsemann, SrProf. of Theology (1646-1661) 109LutheranBBKL | NDB
Hieronymus KromayerProf. of Theology (1657-1670) 69Lutherande | NDB
Martin GeierProf. of Theology (1658-1665) 41LutheranADB
Samuel LangeProf. of Theology (1662-1667) 16Lutherande | Zedler
Johann Christoph NicolaiProf. (extraordinarius) of Theology (1663-1664) 0Lutherann/a
Johannes OleariusProf. of Greek (1665-1677) 12Lutherande | ADB
Johann Adam ScherzerProf. of Theology (1667-1683) 50Lutherande | ADB | BBKL
Gottfried Christian BoseProf. of Theology (1668-1671) 1Lutherann/a
Johann Benedict Carpzov, IIProf. of Hebrew & Oriental Languages (1668-1684) 62Lutheranen de | BBKL
Georg MöbiusProf. of Theology (1668-1697) 34LutheranADB
Elias Sigismund ReinhardtProf. of Theology (1668-1669) 3LutheranZedler
Georg LehmannProf. of Theology (1670-1699) 16LutheranZedler
Friedrich RappoltProf. of Theology (1670-1676) 22LutheranADB | SB
Valentin AlbertiProf. of Theology (1672-1697) 140Lutherande en | BBKL | NDB
Johannes OleariusProf. of Theology (1677-1712) 12Lutherande | ADB
August PfeifferProf. of Theology & Oriental Languages (1681-1684) 117Lutherande | ADB
Johann Benedict Carpzov, IIProf. of Theology (1684-1699) 62Lutheranen de | BBKL
August PfeifferProf. of Hebrew (1684-1689) 117Lutherande | ADB
Tileman Andreas RivinusProf. of Hebrew (1690-1692) 13LutheranZedler
Valentin FridericiProf. of Hebrew (1692-1702) 20Lutherande | Zedler
Thomas IttigProf. of Theology (1697-1710) 109Lutherande | ADB
Gabriel GroddeckProf. of Rabbinic & Talmudic Literature (1698-1699) 15Lutherann/a
Gottfried OleariusProf. of Latin & Greek (1699-1708) 71Lutherande | ADB
Adam RechenbergProf. of Theology (1699-1721) 92LutheranADB
Johannes CyprianProf. of Theology (1700-1723) 9LutheranZedler
Johann SchmidProf. of Theology (1700-1731) 22LutheranADB | Jöcher | Zedler
Johann Benedict Carpzov, IVProf. of Hebrew (1703-1733) 2Lutherann/a
Gottfried OleariusProf. of Theology (1708-1715) 71Lutherande | ADB
Christian Friedrich BörnerProf. of Theology (1710-1753) 4LutheranADB | SB
Johann Georg AbichtProf. of Theology (1711-1717) 76Lutherande en | ADB | Zedler
Johann Gottlob CarpzovProf. of Theology (1713-1719) 30Lutheranen de | NDB
Paul Gottlieb HofmannProf. of Theology (1713-1748) 1Lutherann/a
Johann Gottlob CarpzovProf. of Hebrew (1719-1730) 30Lutheranen de | NDB
Heinrich KlausingProf. of Theology (1719-1745) 6LutheranADB | SB
Salomon DeylingProf. of Theology (1721-1755) 66Lutherande | ADB | SB
Johann Christian HebenstreitProf. of Hebrew (1731-1746) 7Lutherann/a
Johann Rudolph KieslingProf. of Oriental Languages (1740-1762) 9Lutherann/a
Johann Martin ChladniProf. of Christian Antiquities (1742-1744) 19LutheranNDB
Johann Gottlieb BosseckProf. of Hebrew & Oriental Languages (1745-1798) 0Lutherann/a
Johann Christian HebenstreitProf. of Theology (1746-1756) 7Lutherann/a
Johann Friedrich BahrdtProf. of Theology (1748-1775) 10LutheranZedler
Christian August CrusiusProf. of Theology (1750-1775) 17LutheranNDB
Johann Georg RichterProf. of Biblical Philology (1751-1765) 0Lutherann/a
Ernst Friedrich WernsdorfProf. of Christian Archaeology (1752-1756) 19Lutherande
Johann August ErnestiProf. of Theology (1759-1781) 16LutheranNDB
Johann August DatheProf. of Hebrew & Oriental Languages (1762-1791) 10Lutherande | ADB
Heinrich Anton Ernst KlausingProf. of Christian Antiquities (1765-?) 0Lutherann/a
Johann Georg RichterProf. of Theology (1765-1780) 0Lutherann/a
Carl Friedrich BahrdtProf. of Biblical Philology (1766-1768) 39LutheranNDB
Johann Rudolph KieslingProf. of Theology (1769-1778) 9Lutherann/a
Johann KörnerProf. of Theology (1776-1785) 0Lutherann/a
Samuel Friedrich Nathanael MorusProf. of Theology (1778-1792) 0LutheranADB
Friedrich Immanuel SchwarzProf. of Theology (1778-1786) 11Lutherann/a
Ernst Wilhelm HempelProf. of Theology (1787-1799) 4Lutherann/a
Wilhelm Abraham TellerProf. of Theology (?-?) 23Lutherann/a

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