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Tübingen, Germany
(Est. 1476)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Erhard CelliusProf. of (?-?) 3Lutherann/a
Georg Hizlern/a1Lutherann/a
Paulus ScriptorisProf. of (?-?) 3n/an/a
Faculty of Arts
Georg HizlerProf. of Greek and Rhetoric (1558-1587) 1Lutherann/a
Faculty of Astronomy
Nicolaus PrucknerProf. of Astronomy (1553-1557) 4Lutheran, Roman Catholicn/a
Faculty of Law
Erich MauritiusProf. of Law (1660-1665) 31Lutherande
David ScheinemannProf. extraordinarius of Law (1688-1689) 10Lutherann/a
David ScheinemannProf. ordinarius of Law (1692-1702) 10Lutherann/a
Jacob Schegk, IIProf. of Law (?-?) 0Lutherann/a
Faculty of Medicine
Jacob SchegkProf. of Medicine (1553-1577) 94Lutheranen de
Sebastian BlossProf. of Medicine (1600-1627) 0Lutherann/a
Faculty of Moral Philosophy
David ScheinemannProf. ordinarius of Moral Philosophy (1689-1692) 10Lutherann/a
Faculty of Philosophy
Joachim CamerariusProf. of Philosophy (1535-1541) 146LutheranBBKL | NDB
Jacob SchegkProf. of Philosophy (1539-1577) 94Lutheranen de
Georg LieblerProf. of Physics (1553-1594) 30Lutherann/a
Martin CrusiusProf. of Greek & Latin (1559-?) 62Lutherande | NDB
Sebastian BlossProf. of Logic (1606-?) 0Lutherann/a
Wilhelm Schickard, SrProf. of Hebrew (1619-1631) 23Lutheranen | NDB
Wilhelm Schickard, SrProf. of Astronomy (1632-1635) 23Lutheranen | NDB
Johann GrafftProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1651-1688) 7LutheranZedler
Johann Wolfgang JägerProf. of Philosophy (1678-1692) 70Lutherande | BBKL | NDB
Johann Osiander, JrProf. (extraordinarius) of Hebrew of Philosophy (1686-1688) 1Lutherande
Johann Osiander, JrProf. of Greek & Philosophy (1688-?) 1Lutherande
Matthaeus HillerProf. of Logic, Metaphysics, and Hebrew (1692-1698) 66LutheranADB
Andreas Adam HochstetterProf. of Poetry & Rhetoric (1697-1705) 28Lutherande
Johann Christoph PfaffProf. of Philosophy (1697-?) 35Lutherande | ADB
Daniel MaichelProf. of Philosophy (1724-?) 49Lutheranen de
Johann Adam OsianderProf. of Philosophy (1732-1739) 11Lutherann/a
Johann Adam OsianderProf. of Greek (1739-1756) 11Lutherann/a
Conrad CellariusProf. of Philosophy (?-?) 11Lutherann/a
Johann GeilfusProf. of Philosophy (?-?) 10Lutherann/a
Samuel HeilandProf. of Ethics (?-?) 9LutheranScholasticon
Johann Eberhard RöslerProf. of Practical Philosophy (?-?) 13Lutherann/a
Faculty of Theology
Paulus Constantinus PhrygioProf. of Theology (1535-1543) 6n/aVGT
Erhard SchnepffProf. of Theology (1544-1548) 9Lutheranen de | NDB | VGT
Jakob BeurlinProf. of Theology (1551-1561) 4Lutheranen | ADB | VGT
Martin FrechtProf. of Theology (1551-?) 0Lutherande | NDB | VGT
Jacob HeerbrandProf. of Theology (1557-1599) 115Lutherande en | NDB | VGT
Dietrich SchnepffProf. of Theology (1557-1586) 44Lutherande | VGT
Jakob AndreaeProf. of Theology (1562-1590) 207Lutherande en | NDB | VGT
Stephan GerlachProf. of Theology (1578-1612) 70Lutherande | ADB | VGT
Johannes Georg SigwartProf. of Theology (1587-1618) 18Lutherande | ADB
Matthias HafenrefferProf. of Theology (1592-1619) 66Lutheranen de | NDB
Andreas Osiander, JrProf. of Theology (1605-1617) 13Lutherande | VGT
Theodor ThummProf. of Theology (1618-1630) 75LutheranADB
Lucas OsianderProf. of Theology (1619-1638) 9Lutherande
Johann Ulrich PregitzerProf. of Theology (1620-1656) 8Lutherann/a
Jacob ReihingProf. of Controversial Theology (1622-1628) 76Lutheran, Roman CatholicNDB
Melchior NicolaiProf. of Theology (1631-1659) 4LutheranADB
Tobias WagnerProf. of Theology (1653-1680) 25LutheranADB
Johann Adam Osiander, SrProf. of Theology (1656-1697) 121Lutherande | ADB | Scholasticon
Balthasar RaithProf. of Theology (1660-1683) 21LutheranADB
Christoph WölfflinProf. Extraordinarius of Theology (1660-1670) 13LutheranADB
Johann Anton WinterProf. of Theology (1663-1675) 1Lutheran, Roman Catholicn/a
Michael MüllerProf. of Theology (1682-1702) 2Lutherann/a
Johann Wolfgang JägerProf. of Theology (1690-1720) 70Lutherande | BBKL | NDB
Michael FörtschProf. of Theology (1695-1705) 83LutheranADB
Matthaeus HillerProf. of Theology (1698-?) 66LutheranADB
Johann Christoph PfaffProf. extraordinarius of Theology (1699-?) 35Lutherande | ADB
Andreas Adam HochstetterProf. of Theology (1705-1717) 28Lutherande
Gottfried HoffmannProf. of Theology (1707-1728) 46Lutherann/a
Christian Eberhard WeismannProf. of Theology (1721-1747) 76Lutherann/a
Gottlob Christian StorrProf. of Theology (1775-?) 101Lutherann/a
Josef DemlerProf. of Theology (?-?) 0Lutherann/a
Georg Heinrich HäberlinProf. of Theology (?-?) 40Lutherann/a
Christian HagmaierProf. of Theology (?-?) 17Lutherann/a
Christoph ReuchlinProf. of Theology (?-?) 4Lutherann/a

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