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Utrecht, Netherlands
(Est. 1636)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Faculty of Law
Joannes VoetProf. of Law (1673-1680) 26Reformeden nl | DBNL
Faculty of Medicine
Henricus RegiusProf. of Medicine (1638-?) 30n/anl
IJsbrand van DiemerbroeckProf. of Medicine (1649-1674) 8Arminian-Remonstrantn/a
Faculty of Philosophy
Justus LiraeusProf. of Classical Literature (1634-1646) 0Reformedn/a
Antonius AemiliusProf. of History & Politics (1636-1660) 2ReformedEMLO
Henricus ReneriusProf. of Philosophy (1636-1639) 0n/an/a
Arnoldus à GoorProf. of Practical Philosophy (1638-1638) 0Reformedn/a
Marten SchoockProf. of Literature and Rhetoric (1638-1638) 64ReformedScholasticon
Arnold SenguerdiusProf. of Metaphysics & Physics (1639-1648) 11Reformedn/a
Daniel BerckringerProf. of Practical Philosophy (1640-1667) 12Reformedn/a
Jacob RavenspergerProf. of Philosophy (1641-1650) 2n/aDBNL
Paulus VoetProf. of Metaphysics & Logic (1641-1654) 53Reformedde
Johannes de BruynProf. of Physics & Mathematics (1652-1675) 6n/aNNBW
Paulus VoetProf. of Law (1654-1667) 53Reformedde
Regnerus van MansveldProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1660-1671) 4ReformedNNBW
Joannes Georgius GraeviusProf. of Rhetoric (1661-1703) 2Reformedn/a
Joannes Georgius GraeviusProf. of History & Politics (1667-1703) 2Reformedn/a
Gerardus de VriesProf. of Philosophy (1674-1705) 42ReformedNNBW | Scholasticon
Jan LuytsProf. of Physics and Mathematics of Philosophy (1677-1721) 2n/ade
Adrian RelandProf. of Oriental Languages (1701-1713) 83Reformeden nl
Joannes Conradus BarchusenProf. of Philosophy (1703-1723) 24n/an/a
Adrian RelandProf. of Sacred Antiquities (1713-1718) 83Reformeden nl
Pieter van MusschenbroekProf. of Philosophy (1723-1739) 66Reformeden nl | DBNL
Jacobus OdéProf. of Philosophy (1723-1743) 22Reformedn/a
Johannes HorthemelsProf. of Philosophy (1742-1776) 1Reformedn/a
Jacobus OdéProf. of Astronomy, Math. & Exp. Phil. (1743-1751) 22Reformedn/a
Faculty of Theology
Gisbertus VoetiusProf. of Theology (1636-1676) 196Reformeden nl | BBKL | DBNL | Scholasticon
Meinardus SchotanusProf. of Theology (1637-1644) 3ReformedADB
Carolus de MaetsProf. of Theology (1640-1651) 5ReformedADB
Johannes HoornbeeckProf. of Theology (1644-1654) 149Reformednl en | ADB | DBNL | GAMEO
Johannes LeusdenProf. of Oriental Languages (1650-1699) 85Reformeden nl
Andreas EsseniusProf. of Theology (1653-1677) 53Reformeden nl | ADB | NNBW
Matthias NethenusProf. of Theology (1654-1662) 12Reformedde | ADB | NNBW
Frans BurmanProf. of Theology (1662-1671) 61Reformednl de | BBKL | DBNL
Ludwig WolzogenProf. of Church History (1664-1670) 2ReformedADB | NNBW
Frans BurmanProf. of Church History (1671-1679) 61Reformednl de | BBKL | DBNL
Melchior LeydekkerProf. of Theology (1676-1721) 82Reformedde | DBNL
Petrus van MastrichtProf. of Theology (1677-1706) 30Reformedde | ADB | NNBW
Herman WitsiusProf. of Theology (1680-1698) 163Reformedde en | DBNL
Hermannus van HalenProf. of Theology (1681-1701) 1Reformedde
Gerardus de VriesProf. (extraordinarius) of Theology (1685-1705) 42ReformedNNBW | Scholasticon
Paul BauldriProf. of Sacred History (1686-1706) 3ReformedHaag2
Henricus PontanusProf. of Theology (1700-1714) 18Reformedde | NNBW
Hermann Alexander RöellProf. of Natural Theology (1704-1718) 14Reformedde nl | ADB | NNBW
Hieronymus Simons van AlphenProf. of Theology (1714-1742) 10Reformedde | NNBW
François Burman, JrProf. of Theology (1714-1719) 2ReformedNNBW
David MillProf. of Oriental Languages (1718-1727) 24Reformedn/a
Johannes EnsProf. of Theology (1720-1732) 5Reformedn/a
Friedrich Adolph LampeProf. of Theology (1720-1727) 130Reformedde nl | NDB | Rotermund
Jan van den HonertProf. of Theology (1727-1734) 118Reformedde
David MillProf. of Hebrew Antiquities (1727-1756) 24Reformedn/a
Jacobus OdéProf. of Theology (1727-1736) 22Reformedn/a
Albertus VogetProf. of Theology (1735-1771) 11Reformedde
Willem van IrhovenProf. of Theology (1737-1740) 18ReformedDBNL
Gijsbertus Matthias ElsnerusProf. of Theology (1739-1775) 7Reformedn/a
Willem van IrhovenProf. of Church History (1740-1760) 18ReformedDBNL
Gijsbert BonnetProf. of Theology (1761-1804) 14Reformedn/a
IJsbrand van HamelsveldProf. of Theology (1784-1787) 35Reformedn/a

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