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Primary Source Collection : 5,728 authors / 93,325 titles / 127,210 vols.
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About the Post-Reformation Digital Library

Only a few years ago, the dominant model for using digital sources for the study of early modern theology was the privately funded initiative, or subscription-based service, where a specialized editorial board worked over a multi-year period to digitize a limited collection of representative primary sources, and sell this service to academic institutions.

PRDL offers an alternative model. Building on the reality of a steady stream of new publicly available digital books, editors are able to identify relevant resources from the mass of digital materials available. The texts are then accessible in real time to scholars and the general public. Because new resources are becoming available on a daily basis, PRDL is surpassing similar subscription-based services in quantity of material, and will over time only become an increasingly more useful resource.

Early Modern Traditions # Authors # Vols. # Titles (Opera / Theology / Philosophy)
Reformed 2089 39482 28485 (419 / 23309 / 2418)
Lutheran 1103 35417 28892 (65 / 24049 / 3170)
Roman Catholic 1131 27775 19120 (294 / 15006 / 2432)
Arminian-Remonstrant 74 3699 2407 (137 / 1840 / 123)
Socinian-Unitarian 51 806 589 (30 / 478 / 61)

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