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William Guild (1586-1657)
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An ansvver to a popish pamphlet called the touch-stone of the reformed gospell. made speciallie out of themselves. By William Guild, D.D. and preacher of Gods word. (Aberdene : Iames Brown, 1656)
Anti-Christ pointed and painted out in his true colours, or, The popes of Rome proven to bee that man of sinne and sonne of perdition fore-prophesied in Scripture by the clear witnessing of Roman Catholicks themselves, who lived and died in the communion of that church (Aberdene : Iames Brown, 1655)
The humble addresse both of church and poore, to the sacred maiestie of Great Britaines monarch For a just redresse of the uniting of churches, and the ruine of hospitalls. By William Guild, minister of Aberdene. (Imprinted in Aberdene : Edward Raban, 1633)
Ignis fatuus. Or, The elf-fire of purgatorie Wherein Bellarmine is confuted by arguments both out of the Old and New Testament, and by his owne proofes out of Scriptures and Fathers. Also an annexe to this treatise of purgatorie, concerning the distinction of sinne in mortall and veniall. By M. William Guild, Minister at King-Edvvard. (London : Augustine Mathevves, and are to bee sold [by J. Budge?] at Britaines Burse, 1625)
Loves entercours between the Lamb & his bride, Christ and his Church. Or, A clear explication and application of the Song of Solomon. By William Guild, D.D. and preacher of God's Word. (London : W. Wilson for Ralph Smith, and are to be sold at his shop at the Bible in Cornhill., 1657)
Moses ont-deckt ofte de figuren de welcke dienden tot voor-beelden en schaduwen der hemelscher dingen, duydende op den messiam Jesum Christum ... (François Boels, 1652)
Moses vnuailed: or Those figures which serued vnto the patterne and shaddow of heauenly things, pointing out the Messiah Christ Iesus, briefly explained Wherevnto is added the harmony of all the prophets, breathing with one mouth the mysterie of his comming, and of that redemption which by his death he was to accomplish ... By William Guild, minister of Gods Word at King-Edward in Scotland. (London : G[eorge] P[urslowe] for Iohn Budge : and are to be sold at his shop in Pauls Churchyard, at the signe of the Greene Dragon, 1620)
The new sacrifice of Christian Incense, or the true entrie to the tree of life, and gratious gate of glorious Paradise (London : H. L. for Clement Knight, 1608)
The noveltie of poperie discovered and chieflie proven by Romanists out of themselves (Aberdene : Iames Brown, 1656)
The old Roman Catholik, as at first he was taught by Paul, in opposition to the new Roman Catholick, as of latter he is taught by the Pope the one being apostolicall, the other apostaticall : derived and proven only out of the Epistle of Paul to the Romanes : whereunto is added a clear probation that the same also was the doctrine of the primitive bishops of Rome ... discovering to all clearly the apostasie of that church from the ancient Roman fayth and puritie thereof to the noveltie of gross heresie and idolatrie, and sufficient to convince, if not convert, any papist that is not wilfully obdured ([Aberdeen] : in Aberdene by E. Raban, 1649)
Popish glorying in antiquity turned to their shame Whereby is shewed, how they wrong, villifie, and disgrace, that whereunto they pretend to carry greateste reuerence: and are most guilty of that which they vpbraide vnto others. Collected and proued out of themselues, for the singular profit both of pastors and professors. By William Guild, minister at King Edward. (London : Robert Allot, and are to be sold in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the blacke Beare, 1627)
The throne of David, or An exposition of the second of Samuell wherein is set downe the pattern of a pious and prudent Prince, and a clear type of of [sic] the Prince of Princes Christ Iesus the sonne of David and his spirituall kingdome by William Guild D.D. and minister of Gods word at King-Edward in Scotland. (Oxford : W. Hall for Rob. Blagrave, 1659)
A yong mans inquisition, or triall VVhereby all young men (as of all ages) may know how to redresse and direct their waies, according to Gods word, and if they bee in the way of life to saluation, or in the way of death, to condemnation. Together with a godly and most comfortable meditation and praier ioyned thereunto. By William Guilde. (At London : R. Raworth, for Iohn Bache, and are to be sold at his shop in Popes-head Pallace, 1608)

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