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Church of Scotland
The Generall demands, of the reverend doctors of divinitie, and ministers of the Gospell in Aberdene, concerning the late covenant, in Scotland : Together, with the answeres, replyes, and duplyes that followed thereupon, in the year, 1638 (Aberdene : John Forbes, 1663)
Dickson, David (1583-1662)  en
The answeres of some brethren of the ministerie : to the replyes of the ministers and professours of divinitie in Aberdeene, concerning the late covenent (Aberdene, 1638) / added author(s): Alexander Henderson
A short explanation of the Epistle of Paul to the Hebrewes (Aberdene : ImEdw. Raban, 1635)
A short explanation, of the epistle of Paul to the Hebrewes. By David Dickson, preacher of Gods Word, at Irwin. (Aberdene : ImEdw. Raban, 1635)
Forbes, John (1593-1648)  en
Generall demands concerning the late covenant propounded by the ministers and professors of divinity in Aberdene : to some reverend brethren who came thither to recommend the late covenant to them ... : together with the answers of those reverend brethren to the said demands .. (Aberdene : ReJohn Forbes, 1662) / added author(s): Alexander Henderson, David Dickson
A peaceable vvarning, to the subjects in Scotland given in the yeare of God 1638. (Aberdene : ImEdw. Raban, 1638)
Forbes, Patrick (1564-1635)  en
Eubulus, or A dialogue, where-in a rugged Romish rhyme, (inscrybed, Catholicke questions, to the Protestaut [sic]) is confuted, and the questions there-of answered. By P.A. (Aberdene : Edward Raban, dwelling vpon the Market-place, at the towns arms, 1627)
Guild, William (1586-1657)  en
An ansvver to a popish pamphlet called the touch-stone of the reformed gospell. made speciallie out of themselves. By William Guild, D.D. and preacher of Gods word. (Aberdene : Iames Brown, 1656)
Anti-Christ pointed and painted out in his true colours, or, The popes of Rome proven to bee that man of sinne and sonne of perdition fore-prophesied in Scripture by the clear witnessing of Roman Catholicks themselves, who lived and died in the communion of that church (Aberdene : Iames Brown, 1655)
The humble addresse both of church and poore, to the sacred maiestie of Great Britaines monarch For a just redresse of the uniting of churches, and the ruine of hospitalls. By William Guild, minister of Aberdene. (Imprinted in Aberdene : Edward Raban, 1633)
The noveltie of poperie discovered and chieflie proven by Romanists out of themselves (Aberdene : Iames Brown, 1656)
Rait, William (1617-1670)
A vindication of the reformed religion, from the reflections of a Romanist: written for the information of all who will receive the truth in love (Aberdene : Iohn Forbes younger, printer to the town and universitie, dwelling on the Mercat-place, 1671)

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