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Early Modern Authors

This is a broad category encompassing anti-Trinitarian authors labelled either Socinian or Unitarian by their contemporaries.

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Aubert de Versé, Noël (†1714) 16Roman Catholic, Socinian-Unitarianen | Haag2
Becius, Johannes, IV (†1680) 0Reformed, Socinian-Unitarian
Belsham, Thomas (†1829) 30Socinian-Unitarian
Best, Paul (†1657) 0Socinian-UnitarianEMLO
Biandrata, Giorgio (†1588) 1Socinian-Unitarian
Biddle, John (†1662) 2Socinian-Unitarianen
Boreel, Adam (†1667) 1Socinian-Unitarianen nl | ADB | EMLO | NNBW
Budny, Syzmon (†1593) 0Socinian-Unitarianen pl
Bury, Arthur (†1713) 3Socinian-Unitarian
Clerke, Gilbert (†c.1697) 4Socinian-Unitarian
Crell, Jan (†1633) 62Socinian-Unitarian
Crell, Samuel (†1747) 5Socinian-Unitarianen
Czechowic, Marcin (†1613) 0Socinian-Unitarian
Dávid, Ferenc (†1579) 8Socinian-Unitarianen
Dudith, Andras (†1589) 10Reformed, Roman Catholic, Socinian-Unitarianen | ADB
Emlyn, Thomas (†1741) 9Socinian-UnitarianDNB1
Felbinger, Jeremias (†1690) 3Socinian-Unitarianen
Firmin, Thomas (†1697) 0Socinian-Unitarian
Florenius, Paulus, S.J. (fl.1580-) 2Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Socinian-UnitarianTheology, Vienna
Francke, Christian, S.J. (†1603) 30Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Socinian-UnitarianPhilosophy, ViennaADB
Freke, William (†1744) 3Socinian-Unitarian
Gittichius, Michael (†1654) 2Socinian-Unitarian
Gosławski, Adam (†1642) 2Socinian-Unitarian
Gribaldi, Matteo (†1564) 21Socinian-Unitarian
Hedworth, Henry (†1705) 2Socinian-Unitarian
Huntington, Joseph (†1794) 1Socinian-Unitarian
Kenrick, Timothy (†1824) 8Socinian-Unitarian
Knowles, John (†1677) 0Socinian-Unitarian
Kuyper, Frans (†1691) 9Arminian-Remonstrant, Socinian-Unitarianen | DBNL
Le Cène, Charles (†1703) 10Arminian-Remonstrant, Reformed, Socinian-Unitarian
Lindsey, Theophilus (†1808) 34Socinian-Unitarian
Lubieniecki, Stanisław (†1675) 2Socinian-Unitarian
Lushington, Thomas (†1661) 1Socinian-Unitarian
Manning, William (†1711) 0Socinian-Unitarianen | DNB1
Mayne, Zachary (†1694) 2Socinian-Unitarian
Moskorzewski, Hieronim (†1625) 1Socinian-Unitarianen pl
Ostorodus, Christoph (†1611) 8Socinian-Unitarian
Polish Brethren4Socinian-Unitarian
Popple, William (†1708) 0Socinian-Unitarianen
Price, Richard (†1791) 39Socinian-Unitarian
Priestley, Joseph (†1804) 205Socinian-Unitarianen
Przipcovius, Samuel (†1670) 15Socinian-Unitarian
Renato, Camillo, O.F.M. (†1575) 0Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Socinian-Unitarianen
Ruari, Martinus (†1657) 3Socinian-Unitarian
Sandius, Christophorus (†1680) 27Socinian-Unitarian
Schlichtingius, Jonas (†1661) 29Socinian-Unitarianen pl
Servetus, Michael (†1553) 15Socinian-Unitarianen
Smalbroke, Thomas (fl.1695-) 1Socinian-Unitarian
Smalcius, Valentinus (†1622) 9Socinian-Unitarianen it | ADB
Smith, John (†1727) 0Socinian-Unitarian
Socinus, Faustus (†1604) 68Socinian-Unitarianen pl | Bayle
Sozzini, Lelio (†1562) 8Socinian-Unitarianen
Stegmann, Joachim (†1633) 10Socinian-Unitarianen
Stuckey, Nathaniel (†1665) 0Socinian-Unitarian
Telle, Reinier (†1618) 10Arminian-Remonstrant, Socinian-Unitarian
Toulmin, Joshua (†1815) 11Socinian-Unitarian
Völkel, Johann (†1618) 7Socinian-Unitarian
Wakefield, Gilbert (†1801) 23Socinian-Unitarian
Wiszowaty, Andrzey (†1678) 7Socinian-Unitarian
Wiszowaty, Benedykt (†c.1704) 0Socinian-Unitarian
Wojdovius, Andrzej (†c.1619) 1Socinian-Unitarian
Wolzogen, Johann L. (†1661) 10Socinian-Unitarianen pl
Zwicker, Daniel (†1678) 27Socinian-Unitarianen | ADB

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