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Early Modern Authors
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Abrahamsz, Galenus (†1702) 16AnabaptistDBNL
Aldendorp, Goris van (†1672) 3AnabaptistNNBW
Arentson, Engel (†1706) 4Anabaptist
Braght, Tieleman J. (†1664) 3Anabaptist
Claesz, Claes (fl.1610-) 1Anabaptist
Cooche, Robert (fl.1559-1560) 1Anabaptist
Dale, Antonius van (†1708) 47Anabaptist
Denck, Hans (†1527) 6Anabaptist
Denne, Henry (†c.1660) 5Anabaptist
Franck, Sebastian (†c.1543) 35Anabaptist
Herberts, Herman (†1607) 0Anabaptist
Hoffman, Melchior (†1543) 8Anabaptisten
Hoogveldt, Robbert van (†1669) 3Anabaptist
Houbakker, Joannes (†1715) 1Anabaptist
Hübmaier, Balthasar (†1528) 14AnabaptistHLS
Hugwald, Ulrich (†1571) 1Anabaptist, Reformedde
Hutter, Jacob (†1536) 0Anabaptist
Joris, David (†1556) 81Anabaptisten
Jost, Ursula (fl.1530-) 1Anabaptist
Marpeck, Pilgram (†1556) 0Anabaptist
Müntzer, Thomas (†1525) 7Anabaptisten
Niclaes, Hendrik (†1580) 1Anabaptisten
Pastor, Adam (fl.1533-1560) 1Anabaptist
Philips, Dirk (†1568) 19Anabaptisten de | DBNL
Philips, Obbe (†1568) 0Anabaptist
Richardson, Samuel (fl.1643-1658) 11Anabaptist, Baptist
Ries, Hans de (†1638) 3Anabaptistde
Sattler, Michael, O.S.B. (†1527) 2Anabaptist, Roman Catholicen
Schabaelje, Jan Philipsz (†1656) 6Anabaptist
Schwenckfeld, Caspar (†1561) 102Anabaptisten
Simons, Menno (†1561) 66Anabaptisten
Stadler, Ulrich (†1540) 0Anabaptist
Stinstra, Johannes (†1790) 8Anabaptist
Towne, Robert (†1663) 2Anabaptist
van Eeghem, Adriaan (†1709) 4Anabaptist
Veleslavína, Daniel A.1Anabaptist
Walpot, Peter (†1578) 0Anabaptistde

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