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Early Modern Authors
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Abelly, Louis (†1691) 157Roman Catholicfr en | BBKL | CE
Abillon, André d', S.J. (†1664) 3Roman Catholic
Abra de Raconis, Charles F. (†1646) 14Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Paris (1610-1616); Theology, Paris (1616-?)en fr | Scholasticon
Accetti, Hieronimous (†1622) 0Roman Catholic
Accoramboni, Felice (fl.1540-1590) 0Roman CatholicDBI
Acosta, José de, S.J. (†1600) 60Roman CatholicTheology, Rome (Gregorianum) (1594-?)en | Scholasticon
Acquaviva, Claudio, S.J. (†1615) 28Roman CatholicCE | DBI | Scholasticon
Adam, Jean, S.J. (†1684) 3Roman Catholic
Adriaan van Utrecht (†1523) 18Roman Catholic
Adrianus de Nancy, O.F.M. Cap. (†1745) 0Roman Catholic
Aegidius de Presentatione, O.E.S.A. (†1626) 4Roman Catholic
Afhacker, Aegidius (†1623) 4Roman Catholic
Agricola, Franciscus (†c.1624) 49Roman Catholic
Aguilar, José de, S.J. (†1708) 7Roman CatholicScholasticon
Agustín y Albanell, Antonio (†1586) 21Roman Catholic
Alagona, Pietro, S.J. (†1624) 23Roman CatholicScholasticon
Alamanni, Cosmo, S.J. (†1634) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Alamanni, Luigi (†1556) 6Roman Catholicen fr
Alarcón, Diego de, S.J. (†1634) 1Roman CatholicTheology, Alcalá de Henares (1626-1631); Theology, Madrid (Colegio Imperial) (1633-1634)Scholasticon
Albani, Giovanni G. (†1591) 1Roman Catholic
Albergonius, Eleutherius, O.F.M. (†1636) 1Roman Catholic
Alberti, Leandro, O.P. (†1552) 28Roman CatholicCE
Albertinus, Arnaldus (†1544) 5Roman Catholic
Alcalá, Pedro de, O.P. (†1740) 1Roman Catholic
Alcázar, Luis, S.J. (†1613) 1Roman Catholic
Alciati, Terenzio, S.J. (†1651) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Rome (Gregorianum) (1602-1605); Theology, Rome (Gregorianum) (1609-1623)DBI | Scholasticon
Aldrete, Bernardo de, S.J. (†1657) 7Roman CatholicTheology, Salamanca (?-1657)Scholasticon
Alexandre, Noël, O.P. (†1724) 99Roman Catholicen fr
Alfield, Thomas (†1585) 1Roman Catholic
Allard, Pierre (†1608) 1Roman Catholic
Allatius, Leo (†1669) 49Roman Catholicen
Allen, William (†1594) 16Roman Catholicen | DNB2
Almain, Jacques (†1515) 11Roman Catholicen fr
Altamura, Ambrosius de, O.P. (†1677) 4Roman Catholic
Altenstaig, Johannes (†1525) 72Roman CatholicADB
Altham, Michael (†1705) 2Roman Catholic
Alvarez, Diego, O.P. (†1635) 11Roman CatholicTheology, Rome (Angelicum) (1596-1606)CE | Scholasticon
Alveldt, Augustin von (†c.1535) 14Roman Catholicde en | BBKL
Amaduzzi, Giovanni C. (†1792) 1Roman Catholicit en
Amat de Graveson, Ignace H., O.P. (†1733) 16Roman Catholic
Amato, Francesco, O.E.S.A.0Roman Catholic
Amico, Bartolomeo, S.J. (†1649) 3Roman Catholicen | Scholasticon
Amico, Bernardinus, O.F.M. (†1620) 0Roman Catholic
Amicus, Franciscus, S.J. (†1651) 21Roman CatholicScholasticon
Anderdon, Christopher (†1694) 0Roman Catholic
Anderton, Lawrence (†1643) 5Roman Catholic
Anderton, Thomas (†1671) 0Roman Catholic
Andrade, Diogo de Paiva de, S.J. (†1575) 6Roman Catholic
Andrea della Croce (†1675) 4Roman Catholic
Aneau, Barthélémy (†1561) 1Roman Catholicen
Angermann, Adalbert, O.F.M. (fl.1700-) 2Roman Catholic
Anglés, José, O.F.M. Obs. (†1588) 19Roman Catholic
Annat, François, S.J. (†1670) 25Roman Catholic
Anonymous/Roman Catholic1Roman Catholic
Anreiter, Thomas, S.J. (†1652) 5Roman CatholicArts, Dillingen (1616-1622); Philosophy, Dillingen (1622-1624); Theology, Dillingen (1626-1644); Theology, Dillingen (1644-1647)Scholasticon
Antoine, Paul G., S.J. (†1745) 7Roman Catholic
Antolínez, Agustín, O.E.S.A. (†1626) 1Roman CatholicTheology, Valladolid (1591-1594); Theology, SalamancaScholasticon
Antonius, Johannes, S.J. (†1647) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1640-1643)
Antonius a Spiritu Sancto, O.C.D. (†1677) 1Roman Catholic
Aquarius, Matthias, O.P. (†1591) 8Roman CatholicScholasticon
Araujo, Francisco de, O.P. (†1664) 26Roman Catholicen | CE | Scholasticon
Archdekin, Richard, S.J. (†1693) 28Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven (1665-?)en
Aresi, Paolo (†1644) 20Roman Catholic
Argenti, Giovanni, S.J. (†1626) 7Roman Catholic
Arias, Francisco (†1605) 22Roman Catholicen
Arias Montano, Benito (†1598) 69Roman Catholic
Arnauld, Antoine (†1694) 218Roman Catholicfr en | BBKL | CE
Arnauld, Antoine, Sr (†1619) 1Roman Catholic
Arnoldi, Bartholomaeus (†1532) 65Roman CatholicCE
Arnou, Nicolas, O.P. (†1692) 7Roman CatholicScholasticon
Arriaga, Rodrigo de, S.J. (†1667) 26Roman CatholicBBKL
Arriba, Francisco (†1623) 1Roman Catholic
Arrubal, Pedro de, S.J. (†1608) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Arthur, James, O.P. (†c.1670) 0Roman Catholic
Arubal, Petrus de0Roman Catholic
Assonleville de Bouchert, Guillaume d.1Roman Catholic
Astruc, Jean (†1766) 3Roman Catholicen fr | BBKL | CE
Astudillo, Diego de, O.P. (†1536) 0Roman Catholic
Aubert de Versé, Noël (†1714) 16Roman Catholic, Socinian-Unitarianen | Haag2
Auger, Émond, S.J. (†1591) 7Roman Catholic 
Aversa, Raffaele, C.R.M. (†1657) 11Roman Catholic
Avila, Francisco de, O.P. (†1604) 0Roman CatholicQuetif
Ayala, Balthasar (†1584) 1Roman Catholicnl
Azor, Juan, S.J. (†1603) 39Roman Catholicen
Azpilcueta, Martín de (†1586) 118Roman Catholicen es | BBKL | CE | Scholasticon
Bacherius, Petrus, S.J. (†1636) 30Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1583-1589); Philosophy, Ingolstadt (1589-1592); Theology, Dillingen (1592-1597); Theology, Dillingen (1598-1599); Theology, Dillingen (1599-?); Theology, Dillingen (1615-1620)
Bacherius, Petrus, O.P. (†1601) 70Roman CatholicADB
Bachet, Claude Gaspar, S.J. (†1638) 33Roman Catholic 
Bail, Louis (†1669) 24Roman CatholicBBKL
Baile, Guillaume, S.J. (†1620) 5Roman Catholic
Baillet, Adrien (†1706) 131Roman Catholicen fr
Bajus, Michael (†1589) 33Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Leuven (1544-1550); Theology, Leuven (1550-1589)CE
Baldinger, Bernhart (†1672) 1Roman Catholic
Baldinger, Carl (†1678) 1Roman Catholic
Balduin, Anton, S.J. (†1585) 7Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1570-1576); Theology, Dillingen (1577-1582)
Bancel, Louis, O.P. (†1685) 18Roman CatholicScholasticon
Báñez, Domingo, O.P. (†1604) 38Roman CatholicTheology, Ávila (1561-1567); Theology, Alcalá de Henares (1567-1569); Theology, Salamanca (1570-1573); Theology, Valladolid (1573-1576); Theology, Salamanca (1577-1601)en | CE | Quetif | Scholasticon
Baranyi, Pál, S.J. (†1719) 1Roman Catholichu
Barbay, Pierre (†1664) 13Roman Catholic
Barbosa, Agostinho (†1649) 21Roman Catholic
Barclay, John (†1621) 0Roman Catholic
Barclay, William (†1608) 4Roman Catholic
Barcos, Martin de (†1678) 12Roman Catholic
Barnabeus, Hieronymus (†1662) 0Roman Catholic
Barnewallus, Joannes (fl.1627-1641) 1Roman Catholic
Baro, Bonaventura, O.F.M. (†1696) 15Roman Catholic
Baron, Vincent, O.P. (†1674) 21Roman Catholicen | BBKL
Baronio, Cesare (†1607) 45Roman Catholic
Barral, Pierre (†1772) 6Roman Catholic
Barros, Antonio, O.F.M. (†1755) 0Roman Catholic
Bartolomeus a Martyribus, O.P. (†1590) 0Roman Catholic
Baudouin, François (†1573) 60Roman CatholicLaw, Bourges (1549-?)
Baumann, Bernhard, S.J. (†1636) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Heidelberg (1629-1631)
Baumann, Christian, S.J. (†1635) 12Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1623-1627)
Bayle, François (†1709) 11Roman Catholic
Bayona, Carlos de, O.P. (†1682) 0Roman CatholicScholasticon
Beauxamis, Thomas, O.C. (†1589) 16Roman Catholic
Becanus, Martinus, S.J. (†1624) 361Roman CatholicTheology, Cologne; Theology, Mainz; Theology, Vienna; Theology, Würzburgen de | NDB | Scholasticon
Beccadelli, Lodovico (†1572) 2Roman CatholicBBKL
Beccaria, Cesare (†1794) 0Roman Catholic
Beccaria, Johannes, S.J. (†1580) 2Roman Catholic
Béda, Noël (†1537) 9Roman Catholicfr
Bell, Thomas (fl.1573-1610) 0Anglican, Roman Catholicen
Bellarmino, Roberto, S.J. (†1621) 759Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven (1570-1576); Theology, Rome (Gregorianum) (1576-1587)en it | Bayle | CE | EMLO | Scholasticon
Bellelli, Fulgenzio, O.E.S.A. (†1742) 9Roman Catholic
Belluga, Pedro1Roman Catholic
Belluto, Bonaventura, O.F.M. Conv. (†1676) 7Roman CatholicScholasticon
Bembo, Pietro, O.S.I.H. (†1547) 3Roman Catholicen
Benedicti, Jean (†1611) 4Roman CatholicCE
Beni, Paolo (†1625) 2Roman Catholic
Benitez de Lugo, Cajetano, O.P. (†1739) 2Roman Catholic
Benoît, Jean (†1573) 3Roman Catholic
Benoit, René (†1608) 55Roman Catholic
Bermingham, Francis, O.F.M. (fl.1652-) 1Roman Catholic
Bernard, Johann, S.J. (†1660) 7Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1629-1632); Theology, Dillingen (1635-1636); Theology, Dillingen (1637-1638); Theology, Dillingen (1638-1642)
Bernardus aus Luxemburg, O.P. (†1535) 26Roman Catholic
Bernier, François (†1688) 34Roman Catholic
Berrington, Simon (†1775) 0Roman Catholic
Berruyer, Isaac, S.J. (†1758) 18Roman Catholic
Bertagna, Petrus M., O.P. (†1697) 0Roman CatholicQuetif
Berti, Giovanni L., O.E.S.A. (†1766) 29Roman Catholic
Bertius, Joannes L., O.E.S.A. (†1766) 2Roman Catholic
Bérulle, Pierre de (†1629) 14Roman CatholicCE
Besoldus, Christopher (†1638) 16Lutheran, Roman Catholicen de
Bidermann, Jakob, S.J. (†1639) 42Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1615-1618); Theology, Dillingen (1619-1626)
Biermann, Beda (fl.1728-) 2Roman Catholic
Bigeon, Gervais (†1670) 1Roman Catholic
Billick, Eberhard (†1557) 2Roman CatholicTheology, Cologne (1540-1557)
Billuart, Charles-René, O.P. (†1757) 7Roman Catholic
Billy de Prunay, Jacques de (†1581) 10Roman CatholicZedler
Binet, Etienne, S.J. (†1639) 19Roman CatholicCE
Binsfeld, Peter (†1598) 40Roman Catholic
Birkowski, Fabian, O.P. (†1636) 1Roman Catholic
Bishop, William (†1624) 1Roman Catholic
Blache, Antoine (†1714) 1Roman Catholic
Blackwell, George (†1613) 1Roman Catholic
Blackwood, Adam (†1613) 2Roman CatholicCE
Blasius a Conceptione, O.C.D. (†1694) 5Roman Catholic
Blasius Verducatinensis, O.P.5Roman Catholic
Blois, Louis de (†1566) 21Roman Catholic
Blomevenna, Petrus (†1536) 1Roman Catholic
Bodin, Jean (†1596) 54Roman Catholic
Bolland, Jean, S.J. (†1665) 13Roman Catholicen fr
Bolognino, Guilielmus (†1669) 1Roman Catholicnl | DBNL
Bolsec, Jérôme-Hermès, O.C. (†1584) 10Roman Catholic
Bona, Giovanni, O.Cist. (†1674) 97Roman Catholicen de | CE
Bonald, François, S.J. (†1614) 15Roman Catholic
Bonfrère, Jacques, S.J. (†1643) 3Roman CatholicHebrew, Douai
Bonner, Edmund (†1569) 1Roman Catholic
Bonnet, Antoine, S.J. (†1700) 10Roman Catholic
Bontemps, Léger1Roman Catholic
Bordes, Jean d., S.J. (†1620) 3Roman Catholic
Borromeo, Carlo (†1584) 24Roman CatholicCE
Borromeo, Federico (†1631) 26Roman CatholicCE
Borrull, Matthias (†1689) 8Roman Catholic
Boschet, Antoine, S.J. (†1699) 7Roman Catholic
Bosio, Antonio (†1629) 2Roman CatholicCE
Bossuet, Jacques B. (†1704) 367Roman CatholicCE
Botero, Giovanni (†1617) 29Roman Catholic
Bottens, Fulgentius, O.F.M. Rec. (†1717) 42Roman Catholic
Boucher, Jean (†1630) 13Roman Catholic
Bouhours, Dominique, S.J. (†1702) 1Roman Catholic
Boulenger, Jules César, S.J. (†1628) 2Roman Catholicfr
Boulenger, Pierre (†1598) 8Roman Catholic
Bouquin, Charles, O.P. (†1698) 1Roman CatholicQuetif
Bourdaloue, Louis, S.J. (†1704) 179Roman CatholicCE
Bourdaloue, Louis, S.J. (†1704) 0Roman CatholicCE
Boursier, Laurent F. (†1749) 18Roman Catholic
Bourzeis, Amable de (†1672) 13Roman Catholic
Bovillus, Carolus (†1567) 34Roman Catholic
Boyer, Pierre (†1703) 1Roman Catholic
Boyvin, Jean G., O.F.M. (†1685) 5Roman Catholic
Brachet de La Milletière, Théophile (†1665) 10Reformed, Roman Catholic
Brancasius, Clemens0Roman Catholic
Brancati, Lorenzo, O.F.M. Conv. (†1693) 13Roman Catholic
Brant, Sebastian (†1521) 26Roman Catholic
Brasavola, Ireneo, O.F.M. (†1621) 0Roman CatholicScholasticon
Brébeuf, Jean d., S.J. (†1649) 2Roman Catholicen
Breton, Raymond, O.P. (†1679) 14Roman Catholicen
Briçonnet, Guillaume (†1534) 1Roman Catholicfr en
Brillmacher, Peter M., S.J. (†1595) 7Roman Catholicen | ADB
Bristow, Richard (†1581) 3Roman Catholic
Briti, Fabrizio, S.J. (†1656) 2Roman Catholic
Brixiensis, Gaudentius, O.F.M. Cap. (†1672) 1Roman Catholic
Broickwy von Königstein, Antonius, O.F.M. Obs. (†1541) 30Roman Catholicde
Broudin, Anthony (fl.1660-) 0Roman Catholic
Brunner, Johann (†1587) 2Reformed, Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Heidelberg (1561-1563); Philosophy, Ingolstadt (1573-1578); Philosophy, Freiburg (1579-1587)
Bruno, Giordano, O.P. (†1600) 21Roman Catholic
Brunus, Coelestinus, O.E.S.A. (fl.1641-) 1Roman Catholic
Bruxellis, Petrus d., O.P. (†1514) 6Roman Catholic
Budé, Guillaume (†1540) 25Roman Catholicen fr
Bullock, George (†1572) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Cambridge (1556-1559)
Bundere, Jan van den, O.P. (†1557) 21Roman Catholic
Burghaber, Adam, S.J. (†1687) 40Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Ingolstadt; Theology, IngolstadtScholasticon
Burne, Nicol (fl.1574-1598) 2Roman Catholic
Busenbaum, Hermann, S.J. (†1668) 31Roman CatholicCE
Butler, Alban (†1773) 3Roman Catholicen
Buys, Jan, S.J. (†1611) 7Roman CatholicTheology, Mainz (1586-?); Theology, Mainz (1586-?)
Byfleet, John E. (†1652) 0Roman Catholic
Cabrera, Pedro de (†1616) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Cadonici, Giovanni (†1786) 11Roman Catholic
Caesarius, Johann (†1550) 42Roman Catholicde | NDB
Cajetan, Tommaso de Vio (†1534) 147Roman CatholicBBKL | CE | Scholasticon
Calmet, Augustine, O.S.B. (†1757) 39Roman Catholicen fr
Cambilhon, Johan, S.J. (†1611) 3Roman Catholic
Camerario, Bartolomeo (†1564) 20Roman Catholic
Campanella, Tommaso, O.P. (†1639) 91Roman Catholicen it | CE | DBI | EMLO
Campeggi, Tommaso (†1564) 1Roman Catholic
Campegio, Lorenzo (†1539) 0Roman CatholicBBKL | CE
Campen, Jan van (†1538) 11Roman CatholicADB
Campion, Edmund, S.J. (†1581) 39Roman Catholicen | BBKL | CE
Camus de Pont-Carré, Jean-Pierre (†1652) 132Roman CatholicCE
Canisius, Petrus, S.J. (†1597) 140Roman Catholicen | BBKL | CE
Cano, Melchior, O.P. (†1560) 80Roman CatholicTheology, Salamanca (1546-1552)en es | BBKL | CE | Scholasticon
Capisucchi, Raimondo, O.P. (†1691) 4Roman Catholic
Capitis, Fremin, O.Min.1Roman Catholic
Capponi, Serafino, O.P. (†1614) 70Roman Catholicen | DBI | Scholasticon
Caracciolo, Antonio, C.R. (†1642) 26Roman Catholic
Caramuel Lobkowitz, Juan, O.Cist. (†1682) 2Roman Catholic
Carbone, Lodovico, O.P.31Roman CatholicScholasticon
Cardano, Geronimo (†1576) 28Roman Catholic
Cariero, Alessandro (†1626) 11Roman Catholic
Carion, Johann (†1537) 17Roman Catholic
Carleton, Thomas C., S.J. (†1666) 8Roman Catholic
Caroli, Pierre (†1545) 2Reformed, Roman CatholicTheology, Paris (1520-1525) 
Caron, Claude (fl.1590-) 6Roman Catholic
Caron, Redmond, O.F.M. (†1666) 1Roman Catholicen | DNB1
Carranza, Bartolomé (†1576) 13Roman CatholicCE
Carrière, François, O.F.M. Conv. (†1665) 9Roman Catholic
Cartier, Gallus, O.S.B. (†1757) 1Roman Catholic
Cartier, Germain, O.S.B. (†1749) 1Roman Catholic
Casali, Giovanni B. (†1648) 3Roman Catholic
Casati, Paolo, S.J. (†1707) 12Roman Catholicen
Caspe, Luis de, O.F.M. Cap. (fl.1641-1643) 2Roman CatholicScholasticon
Cassander, George (†1566) 9Roman Catholic
Cassegrain, Théophile (†1637) 3Reformed, Roman CatholicHaag1 | Haag2 | Jöcher
Castellini, Luca (†1633) 5Roman Catholic
Castro, Alfonso de (†1558) 0Roman Catholic
Castro, Alonso de, O.F.M. (†1558) 37Roman CatholicTheology, Salamanca (1512-?)en es | Scholasticon
Catharinus, Ambrosius, O.P. (†1553) 72Roman Catholicen
Cattaneo, Sebastian, O.P. (†1609) 8Roman Catholic
Caussin, Nicolas (†1651) 63Roman Catholic
Cellot, Louis, S.J. (†1658) 6Roman Catholicen
Ceneau, Robert (†1560) 0Roman Catholic
Cepari, Virgilio (†1631) 11Roman Catholic
Cerboni, Tommaso M., O.P. (†1795) 4Roman Catholic
Chacón, Alfonso (†1599) 20Roman Catholic
Challoner, Richard (†1781) 26Roman Catholic
Chalmers, William (†1678) 2Roman CatholicScholasticon
Chalvet, Hyacinthe, O.P. (†1683) 26Roman Catholic
Champeils, Léonard (†1669) 1Roman Catholic
Champier, Symphorien (†1538) 81Roman Catholicen
Champney, Anthony (†1643) 3Roman Catholicen
Charpentier, Jacques (†1574) 34Roman Catholicfr
Charron, Pierre (†1603) 36Roman Catholic
Chasteigner de la Roche-Pozay, Henri-Louis (†1651) 6Roman Catholic
Chiavari, Fabiano (†1569) 0Roman Catholic
Chocquart, Charles1Roman Catholic
Chrismann, Philipp N., O.F.M. (†1810) 2Roman Catholic
Christi, Jean (†1595) 0Roman Catholic
Cicogna, Vincenzo (fl.1585-) 1Roman Catholic
Cippullus, Gregorius, O.P. (†1647) 0Roman Catholic
Clavasio, Angelus d., O.F.M. (†1495) 7Roman Catholic
Claveson, Charles d. (†1623) 3Roman Catholic
Clichtove, Josse (†1543) 38Roman Catholic
Cochelet, Anastasius (†c.1614) 2Roman Catholic
Cochlaeus, Johannes (†1552) 207Roman Catholicen de | CE | NDB
Codurc, Philippe (†1660) 6Reformed, Roman CatholicTheology, Nimes (1618-1623)Haag2
Coeffeteau, Nicolas, O.P. (†1623) 47Roman Catholicen fr
Coens, Jan (†1604) 3Roman Catholic
Coiffier, Gilbert de0Roman Catholic
Colet, John (†1519) 17Roman Catholic
Coleti, Niccoló (†1765) 0Roman Catholic
Colgan, John, O.F.M. (†1658) 1Roman Catholic
Collegium Conimbricense (†1606) 35Roman Catholicen | CE | Scholasticon
Collegium Salmanticense, O.C.D.18Roman Catholic
Combefis, François, O.P. (†1679) 14Roman Catholic
Combis, Jean de3Roman Catholic
Comitibus, Petrus de (fl.1658-1688) 13Roman Catholic
Comitoli, Paolo, S.J. (†1626) 6Roman Catholic
Concina, Daniello, O.P. (†1756) 3Roman Catholic
Congnard, Pierre (fl.1655-) 2Roman Catholic
Coninck, Gilles de, S.J. (†1633) 27Roman Catholic
Contarini, Gasparo (†1542) 55Roman Catholicen
Contenson, Vincent, O.P. (†1674) 16Roman Catholic
Conti, Natale (†1582) 29Roman Catholicen
Contzen, Adam, S.J. (†1635) 98Roman Catholic
Copernicus, Nicolaus (†1543) 13Roman CatholicEMLO
Coppenstein, Johann0Roman Catholic
Cordemoy, Géraud de (†1684) 8Roman Catholic
Cordemoy, Louis G. (†1722) 4Roman Catholic
Corella, Jaime de (†1699) 2Roman Catholic
Cornejo de Pedrosa, Pedro, O.C. (†1618) 5Roman CatholicTheology, Salamancaen es | Scholasticon
Corsini, Odoardo, C.R. (†1765) 58Roman Catholicit | Scholasticon
Costa, Gabriel a (fl.1634-) 2Roman Catholic
Coster, Franciscus, S.J. (†1619) 92Roman Catholic
Coton, Pierre, S.J. (†1626) 54Roman CatholicCE
Cottunius, Joannes (†1658) 1Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic
Council of Trent (†1563) 45Roman Catholicen
Couplet, Philippe, S.J. (†1693) 12Roman Catholicen fr
Crab, Gilbert (†1552) 3Roman Catholic
Crabbe, Pierre (†1553) 3Roman Catholic
Cremer, Johann, S.J. (†1657) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Heidelberg (1647-1649)
Crespin, François, O.C. (†1677) 15Roman Catholic
Croll, Johannes (fl.1609-) 1Roman Catholic
Cruz, Juan de la, O.P. (†1624) 4Roman CatholicQuetif
Cruz, Juan de la (†1591) 24Roman Catholicen fr | CE
Cumiranus, Seraphinus, O.F.M. (fl.1556-1558) 9Roman Catholic
Curiel, Juan A., O.S.B. (†1609) 10Roman CatholicTheology, Salamanca (1604-1609); Philosophy, Salamanca (?-1586)Scholasticon
Cusanus, Nicolaus, S.J. (†1636) 6Roman Catholic
Cutsemius, Petrus (†1649) 22Roman Catholic
Dalham, Florian (†1795) 32Roman Catholic
Daniel, Gabriel (†1728) 20Roman Catholicen
Danner, Albert, S.J.22Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen
Darrell, William (†1721) 10Roman Catholic
de Baïf, Jean Antoine (†1589) 8Roman Catholicen
De Bryas, Charles, O.C.D. (†1686) 1Roman Catholic
de Covarrubias, Diego (†1577) 1Roman Catholicen
de La Boétie, Étienne (†1563) 3Roman Catholicen
de la Bruyère, Jean (†1696) 35Roman Catholic
De la Cerda, Gundisalvus (fl.1560-) 2Roman Catholic
de Leviori Campo, Reginaldus (fl.1559-) 5Roman Catholic
de Luca, Giovanni B. (†1683) 1Roman Catholic
de Quiroga, Emmanuel P., O.F.M. (fl.1721-) 2Roman Catholic
De Sales, François (†1622) 132Roman CatholicBBKL | CE
de Villalón, Cristóbal (†c.1588) 2Roman Catholic
Delgadillo, Cristóbal, O.F.M. (fl.1660-) 4Roman Catholic
DelRio, Martin A., S.J. (†1608) 17Roman Catholic
Dempster, Thomas (†1625) 8Roman Catholic
Dens, Pierre (†1775) 52Roman CatholicCE
des Périers, Bonaventure (†1544) 27Roman Catholicen
Des Roches, Catherine (†1587) 1Roman Catholicen
Des Roches, Madeleine (†1587) 1Roman Catholicen
Descartes, René (†1650) 231Roman Catholicen fr | DBNL | EMLO | Scholasticon
Desgabets, Robert (†1678) 3Roman Catholic
Desing, Anselm (†1773) 7Roman Catholic
Désiré, Artus (†1579) 4Roman Catholic
Desmay, Jacques (fl.1618-) 1Roman Catholic
Deun, Johann, S.J. (fl.1591-1592) 3Roman Catholic
Diana, Antoninus (†1663) 4Roman Catholic
Dietenberger, Johann (†1537) 25Roman Catholic
Digby, Kenelm (†1665) 25Roman Catholicen | DNB2
Dinet, Jacob, S.J. (†1653) 3Roman Catholic
Dodd, Charles (†1743) 5Roman Catholic
Dola, Ludovicus a, O.F.M. Cap. (fl.1634-) 4Roman Catholic
Domingo de Santo Tomás, O.P. (†1570) 1Roman Catholic
Doré, Pierre, O.P. (†1559) 12Roman Catholic
Dorman, Thomas (†c.1577) 1Roman CatholicDNB2
Dorpius, Martinus (†1525) 2Roman Catholic
Drexel, Jeremias, S.J. (†1638) 235Roman CatholicCE
Driedo, Johannes (†1535) 19Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven
Du Bosc, Jean (†1562) 1Roman Catholic
Du Boulay, César E. (†1678) 7Roman Catholic
Du Breul, Jacques, O.S.B. (†1614) 1Roman Catholic
Du Faur, Guy (†1584) 45Roman Catholicen fr
Du Hamel, Jean-Baptiste (†1706) 95Roman Catholicen
Du Perron, Jacques D. (†1618) 42Roman Catholic
Du Pin, Louis E. (†1719) 94Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Parisen fr
Du Vair, Guillaume (†1621) 38Roman Catholic
Dudith, Andras (†1589) 10Reformed, Roman Catholic, Socinian-Unitarianen | ADB
Duncanus, Martinus (†1590) 9Roman Catholicnl | DBNL
Dungersheim, Hieronymus (†1540) 36Roman Catholicen de | ADB
Dupasquier, Sébastien, O.F.M. Conv. (†c.1718) 25Roman CatholicScholasticon
Durand, Barthélemy, O.F.M.1Roman Catholic
Durand, Barthélemy, O.F.M.0Roman Catholic
Durand, Nicolas (†1571) 66Roman Catholicen fr | Bayle
Durie, John, S.J. (†1587) 4Roman Catholic
Duval, André (†1638) 2Roman Catholic
Duvergier de Hauranne, Jean (†1643) 29Roman CatholicCE
Ebermann, Vitus, S.J. (†1675) 21Roman Catholicen
Echard, Jacobus, O.P. (†1724) 3Roman Catholicen fr
Eck, Johann (†1543) 145Roman CatholicTheology, Ingolstadt (1510-?)en de
Eder, Georg (†1587) 15Roman Catholicde
Edgeworth, Roger (†1560) 0Roman Catholic
Eiselin, Michael, S.J. (†1613) 11Roman Catholic
Eisengrein, Martin (†1578) 97Roman Catholic
Elgersma, Rupert0Roman Catholic
Ellis, Philip M., O.S.B. (†1726) 0Roman Catholic
Emser, Hieronymus (†1527) 60Roman Catholic
Erasmus, Desiderius (†1536) 434Roman CatholicTheology, Cambridge (1511-1515)en de | CE | DBNL | EMLO | NDB
Erath, Augustinus (†1719) 20Roman CatholicADB
Escobar y Mendoza, Antonio de (†1669) 12Roman Catholic
Esparza Artieda, Martín de, S.J. (†1689) 54Roman Catholic
Espence, Claude d' (†1571) 49Roman Catholic
Estella, Diego de, O.F.M. Obs. (†1578) 57Roman Catholic
Estienne, Robert (†1559) 24Reformed, Roman Catholic
Estius, Guilielmus (†1613) 60Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Leuven (1580-1582); Theology, Douai (1582-1613); Chancellor, Douai (1600-1682)en nl | NNBW | Scholasticon
Eudaemon-Joannes, Andreas, S.J. (†1625) 11Roman Catholic
Eustachius a Sancto Paulo (†1640) 11Roman Catholic
Everardi, Nicolaus (†1532) 1Roman Catholic
Eynatten, R. D. M. (†1631) 2Roman Catholic
Faber, Johann, O.P. (†1558) 2Roman CatholicCE
Faber, Johannes, O.P. (†1541) 2Roman Catholic
Faber, Peter, S.J. (†1546) 1Roman Catholicen
Fabri, Filippo, O.F.M. Conv. (†1630) 17Roman Catholicen | Scholasticon
Fabri, Honoré, S.J. (†1688) 34Roman CatholicCE
Falconer, John (†1656) 0Roman Catholic
Fardella, Michelangelo (†1718) 1Roman Catholicen it | Scholasticon
Farnese, Ottavio (†1586) 5Roman Catholic
Farvacques, François, O.E.S.A. (fl.1665-1671) 29Roman Catholic
Fasolus, Hieronymus, S.J. (†1639) 7Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Naples (1591-1603); Theology, Naples (1607-1617)Scholasticon
Fassonus, Liberatus (†1775) 50Roman Catholic
Faunteus, Laurentius A., S.J. (†1591) 15Roman Catholicen | CE | DNB1
Fédé, René (†1716) 1Roman Catholic
Federer, Johannes, S.J. (†1706) 3Roman Catholic
Felix, Simon, S.J. (†1656) 16Roman CatholicTheology, Ingolstadt; Philosophy, Ingolstadt
Felix de Molin, Franciscus, O.F.M. Obs. (†1650) 0Roman Catholic
Feller, François-Xavier de, S.J. (†1802) 2Roman Catholic
Feltri, Angelus M. (fl.1751-1765) 5Roman Catholic
Fénelon, François (†1715) 102Roman CatholicCE
Ferber, Nicolaus, O.F.M. (†1535) 15Roman CatholicCE
Ferchio, Matteo, O.F.M. (†1669) 1Roman Catholic
Fernandez, Benito, S.J. (†1630) 6Roman Catholic
Ferrari, Filippo, O.S.M. (†1626) 2Roman CatholicMetaphysics and Mathematics, Pavia
Ferrari, Giuseppe A., O.F.M. Conv. (†1775) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Ferrari, Ottaviano (†1586) 2Roman Catholic
Ferre, Vincentius, O.P. (†1682) 8Roman Catholicen
Ferrer, Vicente, O.P. (†1738) 4Roman CatholicScholasticon
Ferus, Johann, O.F.M. Obs. (†1554) 114Roman Catholicen | CE
Feuardent, François, O.F.M. Cap. (†1610) 60Roman Catholicen
Filesac, Jean (†1638) 38Roman Catholic
Fisher, John (†1535) 21Roman CatholicTheology, Cambridge (1502-1504)CE | DNB1
Fitzherbert, Nicholas (†1612) 2Roman Catholic
Fiume, Ignazio, O.P. (†1694) 0Roman CatholicQuetif
Flavin, Melchior de (†1580) 18Roman Catholic
Fléchier, Esprit (†1710) 140Roman CatholicCE
Flinton, George (†1585) 0Roman Catholic
Florenius, Paulus, S.J. (fl.1580-) 2Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Socinian-UnitarianTheology, Vienna
Floyd, John, S.J. (†1649) 9Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven (?-1649)en
Focher, Juan, O.F.M. (†1572) 1Roman Catholic
Fonseca, Pedro da, S.J. (†1599) 28Roman Catholic
Fontanini, Benedetto, O.S.B. (†1556) 2Roman Catholicit
Forerius, Franciscus, O.P. (†1581) 5Roman Catholic
Forgemont, Joachim, O.P. (†1620) 2Roman Catholic
Fourmestraux, François de, S.J. (†1683) 1Roman Catholic
Francés de Urrutigoyti, Tomás, O.F.M. Obs. (†1682) 3Roman Catholic
Franciscus a Sancta Clara (†1680) 4Roman CatholicCE
Francke, Christian, S.J. (†1603) 30Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Socinian-UnitarianPhilosophy, ViennaADB
Frassen, Claude, O.F.M. Obs. (†1711) 56Roman Catholic
Fritzhans, Johannes (†1540) 19Lutheran, Roman Catholic
Froidmont, Libert (†1653) 41Roman CatholicArts, Leuven (1609-1614); Philosophy, Leuven (1614-1628); Theology, Leuven (1628-1653)en fr | Scholasticon
Fromm, Andreas (†1683) 17Lutheran, Roman CatholicNDB
Fuente, Constantino P. (†1560) 15Roman Catholices
Fusco, Paolo (†1583) 4Roman Catholic
Gabriel a Sancto Vincentio, O.C.D. (†1671) 10Roman Catholic
Gage, Thomas, O.P. (†1656) 3Anglican, Roman Catholicen
Galatino, Pietro C., O.F.M. (†1539) 9Roman Catholic
Galbraith, Robert (†1544) 1Roman Catholic
Galesius, Augustinus (†1621) 1Roman Catholic
Galilei, Galileo (†1642) 50Roman CatholicBBKL | CE
Gamaches, Philipe d. (†1625) 2Roman Catholic
Garasse, François (†1631) 17Roman Catholic
Gardiner, Stephen (†1555) 17Roman Catholic
Garnet, Henry (†1606) 1Roman Catholic
Gassendi, Pierre (†1655) 123Roman Catholicen fr | Scholasticon
Gaudin, Ambrosius, S.J. (fl.1614-) 13Roman CatholicDillingen
Gaultier, Jacques (†1636) 18Roman Catholic
Gavardi, Frederico N., O.E.S.A. (†1715) 4Roman Catholic
Gavello, Antonio, O.F.M. Obs.1Roman Catholic
Gazzaniga, Petro M., O.P. (†1799) 24Roman Catholic
Geddes, Alexander (†1802) 5Roman Catholic
Geiler von Kaysersberg, Johann (†1510) 54Roman Catholic
Gelen, Victor (†1669) 4Roman Catholic
Geluwe, Arnold van (†1675) 73Roman CatholicDBNL
Genebrard, Gilbert, O.S.B. (†1597) 65Roman Catholicen
Genebrard, Gilbert, O.S.B. (†1597) 0Roman Catholic
Geninges, John (†1660) 0Roman Catholic
Genovesi, Antonio (†1769) 53Roman Catholic
Gerard, John, S.J. (†1637) 1Roman Catholicen
Gerbert, Martin (†1793) 73Roman Catholic
Gervasius Brisacensis, O.F.M. Cap. (†1717) 1Roman Catholic
Gibbon, Augustinus, O.E.S.A. (†1676) 5Roman Catholic
Gibbons, John, S.J. (†1589) 3Roman Catholicen
Giberti, Giovanni M. (†1543) 11Roman Catholic
Gibieuf, Guillaume, O.F. (†1650) 5Roman CatholicScholasticon
Giffard, Bonaventure (†1734) 0Roman Catholic
Giffen, Hubert van (†1604) 40Reformed, Roman Catholicit | NDB
Giner, Damian, O.F.M. Obs. (fl.1597-1605) 0Roman Catholic
Gisbert, Jean, S.J.1Roman CatholicTheology, Toulouse
Giustiniani, Agostino, O.P. (†1536) 2Roman Catholicen it
Giustiniani, Orazio1Roman Catholic
Glarean, Heinrich (†1563) 13Roman Catholicen
Glen, Jean B., O.E.S.A. (†1603) 1Roman Catholic
Glyn, William (†1558) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Cambridge (1544-1549)DNB1
Godart, Pierre (fl.1666-) 1Roman Catholic
Godeau, Antoine (†1672) 0Roman Catholic
Godoy, Pedro de (†1677) 41Roman Catholices
Goeltgens, Richwin, S.J. (†1671) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Heidelberg (1629-1631); Theology, Heidelberg (1640-1646)
Gómez de Castro, Alvar (†1580) 5Roman Catholic
Gonet, Jean-Baptiste, O.P. (†1681) 105Roman Catholic
Gontery, Jean, S.J. (†1616) 4Roman Catholic
Goswin, Nickel, S.J. (†1664) 1Roman Catholic
Gother, John (†1704) 15Roman Catholic
Gotti, Vincenzo L., O.P. (†1742) 18Roman Catholic
Gottraw, Peter, S.J. (†1640) 12Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1607-1610); Theology, Dillingen (1615-1617)
Goudin, Antonine, O.P. (†1695) 21Roman CatholicQuetif
Goujet, Claude-Pierre (†1767) 2Roman Catholic
Gourlin, Pierre-Sébastien (†1775) 29Roman Catholic
Granada, Luis de, O.P. (†1588) 101Roman Catholic
Granado, Diego, S.J. (†1632) 15Roman Catholic
Gratianus, Liberius, S.J. (†1730) 4Roman Catholic
Gratius, Ortwin (†1542) 11Roman Catholicen
Gregory, William, O.C. (fl.1520-) 0Roman Catholic
Gretser, Jakob, S.J. (†1625) 240Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Ingolstadt (1589-1592); Theology, Ingolstadt (1592-1615)en | BBKL | CE
Gropper, Johann (†1559) 32Roman Catholic
Guadagnoli, Filippo (†1656) 7Roman Catholic
Guadalupe, Andrés de, O.F.M. (†1668) 1Roman Catholic
Gudelinus, Petrus (†1619) 7Roman Catholicen
Guérinois, Jacques-Casimir, O.P. (†1703) 15Roman CatholicQuetif
Guevara, Antonio de, O.F.M. (†1545) 1Roman Catholic
Guilliaud, Claude (†1551) 42Roman Catholic
Guyard, Bernard, O.P. (†1674) 5Roman Catholic
Guyon, Jeanne M. (†1717) 11Roman CatholicCE
Gwynneth, John (†1563) 2Roman Catholic
Haan, Arnold, S.J. (†1633) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Heidelberg (1629-1631)
Haas, Veit (†1538) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Heidelberg (1523-1533); Theology, Heidelberg (1529-1538)
Habert, Isaac (†1668) 10Roman CatholicScholasticon
Habert, Louis (†1718) 22Roman CatholicTheology, Paris (1668-1678)Scholasticon
Haidlberger, Georg, S.J. (†1683) 7Roman Catholic
Hall, Richard (†1604) 8Roman Catholic
Hallier, Pierre (fl.1617-) 0Roman CatholicScholasticon
Hamilton, Archibald (†1593) 4Roman Catholic
Hamilton, John (†1571) 9Roman Catholic
Hammer, Wilhelm, O.P. (†1564) 3Roman Catholic
Hangest, Jérôme de (†1538) 15Roman Catholic
Harding, Thomas (†1572) 2Roman Catholic
Haren, Jan (†1620) 12Reformed, Roman Catholic
Harpsfield, Nicholas (†1575) 2Roman Catholic
Harscher, Johann, S.J. (†1650) 0Roman CatholicFreiburg
Hart, John, S.J. (†1586) 3Roman Catholic
Hauzeur, Mathias, O.F.M. (†1676) 2Roman Catholicen fr | Scholasticon
Havens, Arnold (†1610) 5Roman Catholic
Hay, John, S.J. (†1618) 24Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Vilnius (1575-1578); Theology, Tournon (1578-?)CE
Hazart, Cornelius, S.J. (†1690) 82Roman Catholicen | CE | DBNL
Hegius, Alexander (†1498) 2Roman Catholic
Heigham, John (fl.1623-1639) 2Roman Catholic
Helding, Michael (†1561) 4Roman Catholicen
Hell, Caspar, S.J. (†1634) 17Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Ingolstadt (1621-1624)Scholasticon
Hemelman, Jorge, S.J. (†1637) 0Roman CatholicScholasticon
Henao, Gabriel de, S.J. (†1704) 23Roman CatholicScholasticon
Henneguier, Hieronymus, O.P. (†1712) 1Roman CatholicScholasticon
Henno, François, O.F.M. Rec. (fl.1708-1718) 20Roman CatholicScholasticon
Henry VIII (King of England) (†1547) 4Roman CatholicCE
Henschen, Gottfried, S.J. (†1681) 14Roman Catholicen de
Henten, John, O.P. (†1566) 2Roman Catholicen
Herbet, Jean, S.J. (†c.1578) 3Roman Catholic
Herice, Valentín de, S.J. (†1636) 2Roman CatholicScholasticon
Herincx, Willem, O.F.M. Obs. (†1678) 14Roman Catholicen | Scholasticon
Hermann, Amand, O.F.M. Obs. (†1700) 6Roman CatholicScholasticon
Hermann, Caelestin, O.S.B. (fl.1720-1740) 2Roman CatholicScholasticon
Hermann of Wied (†1552) 0Reformed, Roman Catholicen
Herrera, Pedro de, O.P. (†1630) 0Roman CatholicScholasticon
Hervet, Gentian (†1584) 1Roman Catholic
Herwart, Marquard, O.F.M. Obs. (fl.1693-) 1Roman CatholicScholasticon
Hessels, Jean (†1566) 57Roman CatholicTheology, LeuvenCE
Hevenesi, Gabriel, S.J. (†1715) 33Roman CatholicScholasticon
Hickey, Anthony, O.F.M. Obs. (†1641) 5Roman Catholic
Hide, Thomas (†1597) 1Roman Catholic
Higinius, Adam, S.J. (†1612) 13Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1589-1592); Theology, Dillingen (1599-1608)
Hill, Edmund T. (†c.1644) 0Roman Catholic
Hirnhaym, Jerome (†1679) 0Roman Catholic
Hoffmeister, Johann (†1547) 61Roman Catholic
Hofmeister, Sebastian (†1533) 10Reformed, Roman Catholic 
Holden, Henry (†1662) 7Roman CatholicTheology, Paris (1623-?)
Holt, William, S.J. (†1599) 0Roman Catholic
Holywood, Christopher (†1626) 0Roman Catholic
Hoogstraten, Jacobus van (†c.1527) 20Roman Catholic
Hooke, Luke J.3Roman Catholic
Hoppers, Joachim (†1576) 1Roman Catholicnl
Hortensius, Lambertus (†1574) 48Reformed, Roman Catholic
Hozjusz, Stanisław (†1579) 61Roman Catholicen
Huens, Augustin (†1578) 5Roman CatholicADB
Huet, Pierre-Daniel (†1721) 150Roman Catholic
Hugo, Hermann, S.J. (†1629) 32Roman Catholicfr | DBNL
Huguenin, David (†1704) 1Reformed, Roman CatholicTheology, Duisburg (1689-1702); Philosophy, Duisburg (1691-1702)
Humblot, François, O.Min. (†1612) 5Roman CatholicCalmet
Hunger, Albert (†1604) 77Roman CatholicBBKL
Hurtado, Gaspar, S.J. (†1647) 14Roman Catholic
Hurtado de Mendoza, Pedro (†1651) 21Roman Catholicen
Hutten, Ulrich von (†1523) 14Lutheran, Roman Catholicen
Huygens, Gommaire (†1702) 50Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Leuven (1652-1668); Theology, Leuven (1672-1702)DBNL
Ignatius de Loyola, S.J. (†1556) 13Roman Catholicen | CE
Iribarne e Uraburu, Juan, O.F.M. Obs. (fl.1614-1643) 1Roman CatholicScholasticon
Iribarren, Antonio, O.P. (†1699) 3Roman CatholicQuetif | Scholasticon
Irorusqui, Petrus de, O.P. (fl.1557-) 0Roman Catholic
Isaac, Stephan (†c.1598) 6Jewish, Lutheran, Reformed, Roman CatholicHebrew, Douai (1564-1565); Hebrew, Cologne (1565-1584)
Jammy, Petrus, O.P. (†1663) 2Roman Catholic
Jansen, Cornelius (†1576) 37Roman Catholic
Jansen, Cornelius (†1638) 62Roman Catholic
Javellus, Chrysostomus, O.P. (†1538) 25Roman Catholic
Joannes, Joachim, S.J. (fl.1644-1649) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Heidelberg (1644-1645); Philosophy, Heidelberg (1645-1648)
John of Avila (†1569) 1Roman Catholic
John of St. Thomas, O.P. (†1644) 54Roman Catholicen es
Juan de Jesús María, O.C.D. (†1615) 14Roman Catholic
Juan de la Anunciación, O.C.D. (†1701) 19Roman Catholic
Juénin, Gaspard (†1713) 62Roman Catholic
Jurgiewicz, Andrzej (†1640) 8Roman Catholic
Keating, Geoffrey (†c.1644) 2Roman Catholic
Kellison, Matthew (†1642) 1Roman Catholic
Kennedy, Quintin (†1564) 2Roman CatholicDNB1
Kern, Georg, S.J. (†1626) 18Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1599-1602); Theology, Dillingen (1607-1612)
Kerssenbrock, Hermann von (†1585) 4Roman Catholic
Keuler, Matthias (†1578) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Heidelberg (1536-1542); Theology, Heidelberg (1539-1557)
Kircher, Athanasius (†1680) 44Roman Catholic
Klinge, Konrad, O.F.M. (†1556) 3Roman Catholic
Klüpfel, Engelbert, O.E.S.A. (†1811) 46Roman Catholic
Knopken, Andreas (†1539) 4Lutheran, Roman Catholicde | NDB
Knott, Edward, S.J. (†1656) 2Roman Catholic
Koellin, Konrad, O.P. (†1536) 8Roman CatholicADB
Konigstein, Antonius, O.F.M. (†1541) 1Roman Catholic
Korona, Marcus, O.F.M. Conv. (fl.1620-) 0Roman Catholic
Kretz, Matthias (†1543) 6Roman Catholic
Krisper, Crescentius, O.F.M. Ref. (†1749) 18Roman CatholicScholasticon
Kromer, Martin (†1589) 10Roman Catholic
Kurz, Joachim (fl.1757-) 1Roman Catholic
L'Espine, Claude de, O.P. (fl.1543-1587) 1Roman Catholic
La Bigne, Marguerin de (†1597) 82Roman Catholic
La Chétardie, Joachim T. (†1714) 22Roman Catholic
La Coste, Pierre de (†1583) 7Roman Catholic
La Croix, Claude, S.J. (†1714) 46Roman Catholic
la Gessée, Jean de (†1598) 12Roman Catholicfr
La Rochefoucauld, François de (†1680) 49Roman Catholic
La Rochefoucauld, François de (†1645) 4Roman Catholic
La Taille, Jean de (†1608) 16Roman Catholic 
Labbe, Philippe (†1667) 65Roman Catholicen
Labé, Louise (†1566) 14Roman Catholicen
Lacombe, François (†1715) 0Roman Catholic
Lafosse, Fulgence, O.E.S.A. (†c.1684) 2Roman Catholic
Laínez, Diego, S.J. (†1565) 9Roman Catholicen
Lalemandet, Jean, O.Min. (†1647) 9Roman CatholicScholasticon
Lambertini, Prospero (†1758) 0Roman Catholic
Lambin, Denis (†1572) 12Roman Catholicen fr
Lamparter, Heinrich, S.J. (†1670) 60Roman CatholicTheology, Dillingen
Lamy, François (†1711) 3Roman Catholic
Lansperger, Johannes J. (†1539) 37Roman Catholic
Lapide, Cornelius à, S.J. (†1637) 461Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven (1596-1616); Theology, Rome (Gregorianum) (1616-1637)en | CE
Las Casas, Bartolomé de (†1566) 4Roman Catholic
Latomus, Bartholomaeus (†1570) 41Roman Catholiclb fr
Latomus, Jacobus (†1544) 31Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven (1519-1544)en fr | DBNL
Latomus, Jacques, Jr (†1596) 10Roman Catholic
Launoy, Jean de (†1678) 34Roman Catholicen
Launoy, Mathieu de, S.J. (†1608) 0Roman Catholic
Laymann, Paul, S.J. (†1635) 49Roman Catholic
Le Blanc, Thomas, S.J. (†1669) 14Roman Catholic
Le Clercq, Chrestien, O.F.M. Rec. (†1695) 16Roman Catholic
Le Dent, Maximilien, S.J. (fl.1667-) 8Roman Catholic
Le Febvre, Hyacinthe (fl.1680-) 12Roman Catholic
Le Maistre de Sacy, Isaac L. (†1684) 48Roman Catholic
Le Ridant, Pierre (†1768) 5Roman Catholic
Le Valois, Louis (†1700) 21Roman Catholic
Lebeda, Heriberto (†1770) 2Roman Catholic
Lechner, Kaspar, S.J. (†1634) 23Roman CatholicTheology, Ingolstadt; Philosophy, Ingolstadt
Ledesma, Diego de, S.J. (†1575) 25Roman CatholicPrefect of Students, Rome (Gregorianum) (1563-1575)es | Jöcher | Scholasticon
Ledesma, Martín de, O.P. (†1574) 2Roman CatholicTheology, Coimbra (1541-1574)Scholasticon
Ledesma, Pedro de, O.P. (†1616) 22Roman CatholicTheology, SalamancaScholasticon
Lefèvre, André (†1581) 13Roman Catholic
Lefèvre d'Étaples, Jacques (†1536) 67Roman CatholicScholasticon
Lejeune, Jean (†1672) 7Roman Catholic
Lemos, Tomas de, O.P. (†1629) 14Roman CatholicTheology, Valladolid (1594-?)Scholasticon
Lens, Jean de (†1593) 45Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven
Leonardus à Sancto Martino, O.C.D. (fl.1764-1776) 2Roman Catholic
Lequien, Michel, O.P. (†1733) 22Roman Catholicen fr | CE
Lessius, Leonardus, S.J. (†1623) 96Roman CatholicTheology, Leuvenen
Letourneux, Nicolas (†1686) 19Roman Catholic
Leyburn, John (†1702) 0Roman Catholic
Licheto, Francesco, O.F.M. (†1520) 5Roman Catholic
Liguori, Alfonso M. (†1787) 41Roman Catholic
Lilius, Nicolaus, S.J. (fl.1595-1600) 8Roman Catholic
Lince, Domingo, O.P. (†1697) 2Roman CatholicScholasticon
Lindt, Willem van der (†1588) 70Roman Catholicen nl
Lingen, Burchard, S.J. (†1713) 4Roman Catholic
Lippoman, Aloisius (†1559) 27Roman Catholicen
Lipsius, Justus (†1606) 75Lutheran, Reformed, Roman Catholicen fr
Llamazares, Tomás de, O.F.M.1Roman Catholic
Loarte, Gaspar de (†1578) 10Roman Catholic
Locherer, Alipius, O.F.M. Obs. (fl.1740-) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Lochum, Heinrich, S.J. (†1673) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Heidelberg (1646-1647)
Lokert, George (†1547) 1Roman CatholicRector, St Andrews (1522-1525); Theology, Paris (1525-?)
Longo, Francesco, O.F.M. Cap. (†1625) 19Roman CatholicScholasticon
Lopes, Duarte10Roman Catholic
López, Luis, O.P.8Roman Catholic
Lorca, Pedro de, O.Cist. (†1612) 9Roman CatholicScholasticon
Lorin, Jean de, S.J. (†1634) 61Roman CatholicScholasticon
Lucas, Franciscus (†1619) 16Roman Catholic
Lugo, Francisco de, S.J. (†1652) 7Roman Catholicen pt | Scholasticon
Luis de Granada, O.P. (†1588) 0Roman Catholic
Luytenius, Henricus (fl.1565-) 5Roman Catholic
Lyncaeus, Dominicus, O.P. (†1697) 0Roman CatholicZedler
Lynch, Dominic, O.P. (†1697) 0Roman Catholic
Mabillon, Jean (†1707) 127Roman Catholic
Macedo, Francisco de, O.F.M. Obs. (†1681) 69Roman Catholic
Maes, Boniface, O.F.M. (†1706) 34Roman Catholic
Maffei, Giovanni P., S.J. (†1603) 15Roman Catholic
Maffei, Scipio (†1755) 1Roman Catholic
Magdalena de Pazzi, O.C.D. (†1607) 0Roman Catholic
Maggi, Lucillo (†1578) 22Roman Catholic
Magni, Valeriano (†1661) 5Roman Catholic
Mahusius, Joannes, O.F.M. (†1572) 0Roman Catholic
Maignan, Emmanuel (†1676) 16Roman Catholicen
Mailhat, Raymundus, O.P. (†1693) 15Roman CatholicQuetif | Scholasticon
Maimbourg, Louis, S.J. (†1686) 108Roman Catholic
Mairat, Louis le, S.J. (†1664) 0Roman Catholic
Maistret, Jacques, O.C. (†1616) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Paris (1582-?)
Major, John (†1550) 41Roman CatholicPrincipal, Glasgow (1518-1523) | Scholasticon
Malderus, Johannes (†1633) 31Roman Catholicen
Maldonado, Juan de, S.J. (†1583) 55Roman Catholic
Malebranche, Nicolas (†1715) 85Roman Catholicen | Scholasticon
Mamachi, Tommaso M. (†1792) 20Roman Catholic
Manderston, William (fl.1506-1525) 3Roman Catholic
Mansi, Giovanni D. (†1769) 39Roman Catholic
Mansi, Giuseppe (†1720) 86Roman Catholic
Mantova Benavides, Marco (†1582) 5Roman Catholic
Manzini, Giovanni B. (†1664) 35Roman Catholic
Marc de Bauduen, O.F.M. Cap. (fl.1661-1673) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Marcello, Cristoforo (†1527) 6Roman Catholic
Marcellus, Henricus, S.J. (†1664) 9Roman CatholicTheology, Bamberg
Marci, Jan M. (†1667) 16Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Prague (Charles University)en de | NDB
Mariale, Xantes, O.P. (†1660) 14Roman Catholicen
Mariana, Juan de (†1624) 10Roman CatholicTheology, Paris (1569-1574)Scholasticon
Marinis, Dominicus de, O.P. (†1699) 12Roman Catholic
Marletta, Gabriel, O.P. (†1678) 3Roman Catholic
Marot, Clement (†1544) 43Reformed, Roman Catholicen fr
Marotte de Muis, Siméon (†1644) 13Roman Catholicen
Martin, Gregory (†1582) 2Roman Catholic
Martinez, Gregorius, O.P. (†1637) 2Roman Catholic
Martinez de Cantalapiedra, Martin (†1579) 6Roman Catholices
Martínez de Prado, Juan, O.P. (†1668) 16Roman CatholicScholasticon
Martini, Martino, S.J. (†1661) 0Roman Catholicen it
Mascarenhas, Fernando M. (†1628) 4Roman Catholicpt
Mascaron, Jules (†1703) 11Roman Catholic
Masius, Didacus, O.P. (†1608) 4Roman Catholic
Massillon, Jean B. (†1742) 171Roman CatholicCE
Massoulié, Antonin, O.P. (†1706) 15Roman CatholicScholasticon
Mastri, Bartolomeo, O.F.M. Conv. (†1673) 54Roman Catholicit en
Matthew, Sir Tobie (†1655) 2Roman Catholic
Matthisius, Gerhard (†1572) 8Roman Catholic
Mauduit, Michel, O.F. (†1709) 4Roman Catholic
Maurus, Sylvester, S.J. (†1687) 16Roman Catholicen
Mayle, Matthias, S.J. (†1634) 20Roman CatholicTheology, DillingenScholasticon
Mayr, Anton, S.J. (†1749) 4Roman Catholic
Mazzolini, Sylvester (†1523) 48Roman Catholicen
McCaghwell, Hugh, O.F.M. Obs. (†1626) 2Roman Catholic
Medici, Sisto, O.P. (†1561) 2Roman CatholicTheology, Padua (1545-1553)DBI | Zedler
Medina, Bartolomé de, O.P. (†1580) 14Roman Catholicen es | Scholasticon
Medina, Juan de (†1546) 8Roman Catholic
Melles, Etienne de (†1683) 0Roman Catholic
Mendler, Christoph, S.J. (fl.1634-1648) 1Roman Catholic
Menochio, Giovanni S., S.J. (†1655) 44Roman CatholicMoral Theology, Milan; Theology, Milan
Mensing, Johannes (†1541) 28Roman Catholic
Merchier, Guillaume (†1639) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Leuven (1597-?); Theology, Leuven (1611-1639)Scholasticon
Mercier, Jean (†1570) 12Roman Catholicen | Haag1
Mercier aux Bourges, Jean (†1600) 3Roman Catholic
Merinero, Francisco P., O.F.M.1Roman Catholic
Merinero, Juan M., O.F.M.1Roman Catholic
Mersenne, Marin (†1648) 29Roman Catholic
Métezeau, Paul (†1632) 5Roman Catholic
Meurisse, Martin, O.F.M. Obs. (†1644) 13Roman CatholicScholasticon
Mezger, Paul, O.S.B. (†1702) 21Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Salzburg (1668-1669); Theology, Salzburg (1673-1699)en | Scholasticon
Michaelis, Sébastien, O.P. (†1618) 2Roman Catholicen fr
Minucci, Genesio (†1603) 0Roman Catholic
Molanus, Johannes (†1585) 34Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven (1578-1585)
Molard, Daniel (fl.1618-) 0Reformed, Roman CatholicHaag1
Molina, Luis de, S.J. (†1600) 76Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Coimbra (1563-1567); Theology, Évora (1568-1588)en | Scholasticon
Molinier, Étienne (†1650) 1Roman Catholic
Molinos, Miguel de (†1696) 9Roman Catholic
Molitor, Isaias, S.J. (†1678) 4Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1641-1646); Theology, Dillingen (1653-1657)
Moncè, Philippe, S.J.1Roman Catholic
Monfortius, Gratianus, O.F.M. Cap. (†1650) 2Roman CatholicScholasticon
Monheim, Johannes (†1564) 7Reformed, Roman Catholic
Montaigne, Michel de (†1592) 30Roman Catholic
Montanus, Benito A. (†1598) 7Roman Catholic
Montefortino, Hieronymus de, O.F.M. Ref. (†1738) 16Roman Catholic
Montepiloso, Angelo V., O.F.M. Conv.1Roman Catholic
Montesinos, Luis de, O.P. (†1620) 5Roman Catholicen | Scholasticon
Moor, Michael (†1726) 2Roman Catholic
More, Sir Thomas (†1535) 17Roman Catholic
Morell, Juliana (†1653) 1Roman Catholic
Moréri, Louis (†1680) 59Roman CatholicCE
Morin, Jean (†1659) 25Roman Catholic
Morin, Jean-Baptiste (†1656) 33Roman Catholicen fr
Mulhusinus, Johann, S.J. (†1609) 7Roman Catholic
Mülmann, Hieronymus, S.J. (†1666) 1Roman CatholicZedler
Mumford, James (†1666) 1Roman Catholic
Mundbrot, Walter, S.J. (†1645) 16Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Ingolstadt
Muratori, Ludovico A. (†1750) 10Roman Catholic
Murner, Thomas (†1537) 0Roman Catholic
Musso, Cornelio, O.F.M. (†1574) 35Roman Catholic
Musson, Gabriele (fl.1743-) 3Roman Catholic
Mylonius, Nicolaus, S.J. (fl.1582-) 1Roman Catholic
Nancel, Nicolas de (†1610) 3Roman CatholicDouai
Nas, Johannes, O.F. (†1590) 53Roman Catholic
Natta, Marco A. (†1599) 43Roman Catholic
Nausea, Friedrich (†1552) 76Roman Catholicen de
Navarrete, Baltazar, O.P. (†1625) 1Roman CatholicScholasticon
Nazario, Giovanni P., O.P. (†1645) 0Roman Catholic
Neercassel, Johannes van (†1686) 16Roman Catholicen
Neesen, Laurens (†1679) 30Roman Catholic
Nessel, Martin (†1673) 7Lutheran, Roman CatholicRotermund
Neuhauser, Bernhard (†1673) 8Roman CatholicIngolstadt; Münster
Nicolaï, Jean, O.P. (†1673) 3Roman Catholicen
Nicole, Pierre (†1695) 127Roman Catholic
Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio, S.J. (†1658) 183Roman Catholic
Nifo, Agostino (†1546) 10Roman Catholic
Nihusius, Bartholdus (†1657) 10Roman CatholicNDB | Scholasticon
Noailles, Louis A. (†1729) 58Roman Catholic
Noris, Enrico, O.E.S.A. (†1704) 50Roman Catholic
Nourse, Timothy (†1699) 3Roman Catholic
Nuño Cabezudo, Diego, O.P. (†1614) 3Roman Catholic
Oberndorffer, Coelestin, O.S.B. (†1765) 1Roman Catholic
Oleaster, Hieronymus, O.P. (†1563) 2Roman Catholic
Olier, Jean-Jacques (†1657) 22Roman Catholic
Opatowczyk, Adam (†1647) 2Roman CatholicTheology, Cracow
Opstraet, Jan (†1720) 59Roman Catholic
Orantes y Villena, Francisco d.6Roman Catholic
Orlando, Matteo, O.C. (†1695) 1Roman Catholic
Ortega, Cristóbal de, S.J. (†1686) 1Roman CatholicScholasticon
Ortelius, Abraham (†1598) 44Roman Catholic
Ortiz, Diego, O.P. (†1640) 4Roman Catholic
Orzechowski, Stanislaw (†1603) 1Roman Catholic
Osório, Jerôme (†1580) 84Roman Catholicen
Osorio, Juan, S.J. (†1594) 4Roman Catholic
Osterrieder, Hermann, O.F.M. Conv. (†1783) 1Roman Catholic
Ostrowski, Stanislaus Z. (†1596) 1Roman Catholic
Oviedo, Franciscus de (†1651) 10Roman Catholic
Paciuchelli, Angelo, O.P. (†1660) 65Roman CatholicQuetif
Pagnino, Santes (†1536) 28Roman Catholicen
Palacio, Miguel de (†1593) 25Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Salamanca (1545-1550); Theology, Salamanca (1550-1555)Scholasticon
Palacio, Paulus de (†1582) 13Roman Catholic
Paleotti, Gabriele (†1597) 31Roman Catholic
Pallavicino, Sforza (†1667) 157Roman Catholicen it
Palma-Cayet, Pierre-Victor (†1610) 41Reformed, Roman Catholic
Paludanus, Michael, O.E.S.A. (†c.1652) 3Roman Catholic
Panger, Marinus, O.F.M. Obs. (†1733) 4Roman CatholicScholasticon
Panger, Willibald, S.J. (fl.1623-) 1Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Augsburg
Panigarola, Francesco (†1594) 50Roman Catholicen it
Panvinio, Onofrio (†1568) 74Roman Catholic
Papin, Isaac (†1709) 19Reformed, Roman CatholicDNB2
Paré, Ambroise (†1590) 38Reformed, Roman Catholic 
Parra, Jacinto de la, O.P. (†1684) 5Roman CatholicScholasticon
Pascal, Blaise (†1662) 196Roman Catholicen
Pasqual, Raymundus, O.P. (†1593) 2Roman CatholicQuetif
Pasqualigo, Zaccaria (†1664) 16Roman Catholic
Pasquier, Etienne (†1615) 24Roman Catholic
Passerini, Pietro M., O.P. (†1677) 30Roman Catholic
Patin, Charles (†1693) 1Roman Catholic
Pázmány, Péter (†1637) 19Roman Catholicen
Peier, Rochus, S.J. (†1665) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1639-1642); Theology, Dillingen (1650-1658)
Pelecyus, Johannes, S.J. (†1623) 42Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1573-1576)
Pelletier, Thomas (†1628) 11Roman Catholic
Pellicot, Jehan (fl.1574-) 1Roman Catholic
Pelt, Theodoor van, S.J. (†1584) 3Roman CatholicADB
Peñafiel, Alonso de, S.J. (†1657) 5Roman Catholices | Scholasticon
Penotto, Gabriele, C.R.S.A. (†1639) 4Roman Catholic
Pepin, Guillaume, O.P. (†1533) 33Roman Catholic
Perazzo, Giovanni B., O.P. (†1705) 2Roman Catholic
Percin, Joannes J., O.P. (fl.1693-) 1Roman Catholic
Pererius, Benedictus, S.J. (†1610) 104Roman Catholicen | CE | Scholasticon
Pereyra, Martinio (fl.1714-) 1Roman CatholicTheology, Coimbra
Perez, Franciscus, O.P. (†1690) 1Roman CatholicQuetif | Scholasticon
Perez, Jeronimo, O.Merc.1Roman Catholic
Pérez de Ayala, Martin (†1566) 6Roman Catholic
Pérez de Pineda, Juan (†1567) 13Reformed, Roman Catholic
Perlin, Juan, S.J. (†1638) 4Roman CatholicScholasticon
Pernot, Jean, S.J. (fl.1587-1593) 6Roman Catholic
Persons, Robert, S.J. (†1610) 45Roman Catholicen
Peryn, William, O.P. (†1558) 0Roman Catholicen
Pesantius, Alexander (fl.1606-1617) 5Roman Catholic
Petavius, Dionysius, S.J. (†1652) 119Roman Catholicen fr
Petitdidier, Mathieu, O.S.B. (†1728) 17Roman Catholic
Petrella, Bernardino (fl.1571-1595) 2Roman Catholic
Peutinger, Ulrich (†1817) 2Roman Catholic
Pexenfelder, Michael, S.J. (†1680) 25Roman Catholic
Pey, Jean (†1797) 17Roman Catholic
Pfefferkorn, Johannes (†1523) 15Roman Catholic
Philippe de la Trinité, O.C.D. (†1671) 24Roman Catholic
Piccinardi, Serafino, O.P. (†1695) 5Roman CatholicMetaphysics, Padua (1669-1679); Theology, Padua (1681-1689)Quetif
Pier, Sebastian, O.P.1Roman Catholic
Pierre de Saint-Joseph, O.Cist. (†1662) 13Roman Catholic
Pigafetta, Filippo (†1604) 24Roman Catholic 
Pighius, Albertus (†1542) 36Roman Catholicen it
Pineda, Alonso de (fl.1564-1576) 1Roman Catholic
Pinelli, Luca, S.J. (†1607) 62Roman CatholicTheology, Ingolstadt (1575-1577); Theology, Pont-à-Mousson (1577-1580)it
Pinto, Hector (†1584) 37Roman CatholicTheology, Coimbra (1576-?)Scholasticon
Piny, Alexander, O.P. (†1709) 5Roman CatholicScholasticon
Piscara Castaldo, Andrea (†1629) 1Roman Catholic
Pistorius, Johann, Jr (†1608) 13Lutheran, Roman Catholic
Pitigianis, Franciscus de, O.F.M. (fl.1620-) 0Roman Catholic
Pley, Coelestinus, O.S.B. (†1710) 8Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Salzburg; Theology, Salzburg
Pole, Reginald (†1558) 58Roman Catholic
Polman, Joannes (†1657) 1Roman Catholic
Pontanus, Jacob, S.J. (†1626) 0Roman Catholic
Pontius, Basil (†1629) 0Roman Catholic
Porsan, Antoine, S.J. (fl.1599-) 1Roman Catholic
Porter, Francis, O.F.M. (fl.1650-1702) 7Roman Catholic
Posnaniensis, Petrus, O.F.M. (†1658) 6Roman CatholicScholasticon
Possevino, Antonio, S.J. (†1611) 100Roman Catholicen fr | Scholasticon
Pourchot, Edmond (†1734) 13Roman CatholicScholasticon
Poyntz, Robert (†1568) 1Roman Catholic
Pratensis, Felix (†1539) 1Roman Catholic
Prateolus, Gabriel (†1588) 22Roman Catholic
Prätorius, Matthäus (†1704) 6Lutheran, Roman Catholicen de | ADB
Prévost, Jean le, S.J. (†1634) 4Roman CatholicScholasticon
Prost, Pierre (fl.1640-) 1Roman Catholic
Pruckner, Nicolaus (†1557) 4Lutheran, Roman CatholicAstronomy, Tübingen (1553-1557)
Pucci, Francesco (†1597) 3Roman Catholicen it
Puente, Luis de la, S.J. (†1624) 75Roman Catholic
Pugh, Robert (†1679) 0Roman Catholic
Punch, John, O.F.M. Obs. (†1672) 38Roman Catholicen de | Scholasticon
Puteanus, Johannes, O.E.S.A. (†1623) 2Roman CatholicScholasticon
Quadratus, Mathurinus (fl.1575-1587) 17Roman Catholic
Quadros, Diego de, S.J. (fl.1722-1734) 7Roman CatholicTheology, Madrid (Colegio Imperial)Scholasticon
Quesnel, Pasquier (†1719) 114Roman Catholicen
Quetif, Jacobus, O.P. (†1698) 4Roman Catholicen fr
Quiros, Hyacinthe Bernal de, O.P. (†1758) 4Reformed, Roman CatholicChurch History, Lausanne (1752-1758)HLS
Rabesano, Livio, O.F.M. Obs. (fl.1665-) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Rada, Juan de, O.F.M. Obs. (†1608) 27Roman CatholicTheology, SalamancaScholasticon
Raemond, Florimond de (†1602) 38Reformed, Roman Catholicen
Raggelman, Johannes, S.J. (†1668) 4Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1620-1622)
Rainolds, William (†1594) 16Roman Catholic
Ram, Gaspar (fl.1611-) 2Roman Catholic
Ram, Matthias, S.J. (†1665) 11Roman CatholicTheology, Dillingen; Philosophy, IngolstadtScholasticon
Ramirez, Lorenzo (†1658) 3Roman Catholic
Ramsay, Andrew M. (†1743) 11Roman Catholic
Rancé, Armand J. (†1700) 40Roman Catholic
Rapedius, Franz, S.J. (†1615) 0Roman Catholic
Rapin, René, S.J. (†1687) 32Roman Catholic
Rastell, John (†1577) 8Roman Catholic
Raulin, Jean, O.S.B. (†1514) 43Roman Catholicfr
Ravesteyn, Jodocus (†1570) 27Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven (1546-1570)CE
Raynaud, Théophile, S.J. (†1663) 55Roman Catholic
Reding, Augustin, O.S.B. (†1692) 4Roman CatholicHLS
Redman, John (†1551) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Cambridge (1538-1542); Theology, Cambridge (1549-1551)DNB1
Redorffer, Wolfgang (†1559) 1Roman Catholic
Reeb, Georg, S.J. (†1662) 40Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1622-1625); Philosophy, Dillingen (1626-1628)Scholasticon
Regis, Peeter (fl.1568-) 1Roman Catholic
Regnault, Antonin (†1676) 1Roman Catholic
Reihing, Jacob, S.J. (†1628) 45Lutheran, Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Ingolstadt (1608-1613); Theology, Tübingen (1622-1628)NDB
Reina, Casiodoro de (†1594) 22Lutheran, Roman Catholic
Reisch, Gregorius (†1525) 8Roman Catholic
Remy, Nicholas (†1612) 14Roman Catholicen fr
Renato, Camillo, O.F.M. (†1575) 0Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Socinian-Unitarianen
Renaudot, Eusèbe (†1720) 18Roman Catholic
Renner, Michael, S.J. (†1611) 1Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Dillingen (1587-1590)
Rentz, Placidus, O.S.B. (†1748) 2Roman Catholic
Reuchlin, Johann (†1522) 48Roman Catholic
Rhenanus, Beatus (†1547) 18Roman Catholic
Rhodes, Georges de, S.J. (†1661) 1Roman Catholic
Ribadeneyra, Pedro de (†1611) 59Roman Catholicen es
Ribera, Francisco, S.J. (†1591) 16Roman Catholicen
Riccardi, Niccolò, O.P. (†1639) 4Roman Catholicen
Ricci, Matteo, S.J. (†1610) 3Roman Catholic
Richardot, Francois (†1574) 3Roman Catholic
Richelieu, Armand-Jean D. (†1642) 53Roman Catholic
Richeome, Louis, S.J. (†1625) 15Roman Catholic
Richer, Edmond (†1631) 16Roman Catholic
Ringmayr, Thomas (†1652) 7Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Salzburg; Theology, Salzburg
Ripa, Raphael, O.P. (†1611) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Ripalda, Juan M., S.J. (†1648) 23Roman Catholic
Rispoli, Giovanni M., O.P. (†1639) 2Roman Catholic
Rocaberti, Juan T. (†1699) 1Roman Catholic
Rocca, Angelo (†1620) 20Roman Catholic
Rocha, Antich (fl.1560-) 0Roman Catholic
Roche, Antoine-Martin (†1755) 2Roman Catholic
Rochon, Antoine, S.J. (fl.1672-) 1Roman Catholic
Rodriguez, Alonso (†1616) 0Roman Catholic
Romeo, Francesco, O.P. (†1552) 1Roman Catholicen
Roper, William (†1578) 8Roman Catholic
Rossi, Arcangelo (fl.1601-) 3Roman Catholic
Roterus, Spiritus, O.P. (†1564) 7Roman Catholic
Roüillard, Sébastien (†1639) 2Roman Catholic
Roussel, Gérard (†1550) 10Roman Catholic
Rovetta, Andrea (fl.1691-) 1Roman Catholic
Rubeis, Bernardo M., O.P. (†1775) 7Roman Catholic
Rubio, Antonio, S.J. (†1615) 25Roman CatholicScholasticon
Rüegg, Johann J. (†1693) 2Reformed, Roman CatholicADB
Ruerk, Anthony, O.F.M. Obs. (fl.1746-) 1Roman Catholic
Ruiz, Gregorio (†1699) 0Roman Catholic
Ruiz de Montoya, Diego, S.J. (†1632) 13Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Granada (1585-1588); Theology, Seville (1588-1592); Theology, Granada (1592-1594); Theology, Seville (1603-?)en | BBKL | Scholasticon
Rutland, Johann C. (fl.1560-) 2Roman Catholic
Sá, Manuel de (†1596) 13Roman Catholic
Saavedra Fajardo, Diego de (†1648) 97Roman Catholic
Saconay, Gabriel de (†1580) 10Roman Catholic
Sadler, Thomas V. (†1680) 0Roman Catholic
Sadoleto, Jacopo (†1547) 112Roman Catholicen
Sáenz de Aguirre, José, O.S.B. (†1699) 23Roman Catholicen es | CE | Scholasticon
Sainctes, Claude de, C.R.S.A. (†1591) 27Roman Catholicen
Saint-Joseph, Pierre d., O.C. (†1662) 21Roman Catholic
Saint-Jure, Jean B., S.J. (†1657) 21Roman Catholic
Salas, Juan de, S.J. (†1612) 13Roman CatholicScholasticon
Salazar, Ferdinand C., S.J. (†1646) 12Roman Catholic
Salian, Jacques, S.J. (†1640) 22Roman Catholic
Sall, Andrew, S.J. (†1682) 4Roman CatholicDNB1
Salmerón, Alfonso, S.J. (†1585) 84Roman Catholicen
Salon, Miguel Bartolomé, O.E.S.A. (†1621) 5Roman Catholic
Samarinus, Franciscus2Roman Catholic
Sánchez, Gaspar (†1628) 3Roman Catholic
Sánchez, Tomás, S.J. (†1610) 27Roman Catholic
Sandaeus, Maximilianus, S.J. (†1656) 45Roman CatholicTheology, Würzburgen
Sandbichler, Alois7Roman Catholic
Sander, Anton (†1664) 2Roman Catholic
Sander, Nicholas (†1581) 102Roman Catholicen
Sannig, Bernard, O.F.M. (†1704) 6Roman Catholic
Saravia de la Calle, Luis (fl.1544-) 0Roman Catholic
Sarpi, Paolo (†1623) 155Roman Catholic
Sasbout, Adam, O.F.M. (†1563) 13Roman Catholic
Sattler, Michael, O.S.B. (†1527) 2Anabaptist, Roman Catholicen
Savonarola, Girolamo, O.P. (†1498) 157Roman Catholic
Sayer, Gregory, O.S.B. (†1602) 28Roman CatholicDNB1
Scarisbrike, Edward (†1709) 0Roman Catholic
Schatzgeyer, Kaspar (†1527) 123Roman Catholicen de | ADB
Scheurl, Christoph (†1542) 10Lutheran, Roman Catholicen de
Schmalfus, Cosmas, O.E.S.A. (†1811) 30Roman CatholicTheology, Prague (Charles University)
Schmitz, Thomas, O.S.B. (†1758) 10Roman Catholic
Schnell, Anselm, O.S.B. (†1751) 3Roman Catholic
Schönberg, Matthias von (fl.1779-) 1Roman Catholic
Schopen, Wolter, O.F.M. (fl.1697-1710) 31Roman CatholicScholasticon
Schopperus, Jacobus (†1554) 21Roman CatholicNDB
Schott, Gaspar, S.J. (†1666) 31Roman Catholic
Schulting, Cornelis (†1604) 3Roman Catholic
Schwartz, Georg (†1557) 0Roman CatholicPhilosophy, Heidelberg (1504-1512); Theology, Heidelberg (1512-1556)
Schwarz, Ignatius, S.J. (†1763) 1Roman Catholic
Schwarz, Ignaz, S.J. (†1763) 0Roman Catholic
Schwarzhuber, Simpert (†1795) 0Roman Catholic
Scioppius, Caspar (†1649) 33Roman Catholic
Scory, John, O.P. (†1585) 0Anglican, Roman Catholic
Scribani, Carolus, S.J. (†1629) 78Roman Catholic
Scribonius, Joannes M., O.F.M. Obs. (†1641) 1Roman Catholic
Scupoli, Lorenzo (†1610) 120Roman Catholic
Sedgwick, Thomas (†1573) 0Roman CatholicTheology, Cambridge (1554-1556); Theology, Cambridge (1557-1559)en | CE | DNB1
Segneri, Paolo (†1694) 315Roman Catholic
Segni, Giovanni B. (†1610) 5Roman Catholic
Sella, Christoph (fl.1578-1584) 9Roman Catholic
Senault, Jean-François (†1672) 23Roman Catholic
Sepúlveda, Juan G. (†1573) 46Roman Catholic
Serarius, Nikolaus, S.J. (†1609) 64Roman Catholicde
Sergeant, John (†1707) 6Roman Catholicen
Serina, Giulio1Roman Catholic
Seripando, Girolamo (†1563) 12Roman Catholic
Serra, Marcus, O.P. (†1647) 11Roman Catholic
Serre, Antoine (fl.1675-1709) 7Roman Catholic
Serry, Jacques-Hyacinthe, O.P. (†1738) 24Roman Catholic
Seyssel, Claude de (†1520) 14Roman Catholicen fr
Sfondrati, Celestino, O.S.B. (†1696) 5Roman Catholic
Sghemma, Gaspare, O.F.M. (†1657) 2Roman Catholic
Sherlock, Paul, S.J. (†1646) 19Roman CatholicDNB1
Sigonio, Carlo (†1584) 20Roman Catholic
Silva y Pacheco, Diego de, O.S.B. (†1667) 8Roman Catholic
Silvester, Francis (†1526) 0Roman Catholic
Silvestri, Francesco, O.P. (†1528) 0Roman Catholic
Simon, Richard (†1712) 166Roman Catholic
Sinnich, John (†1666) 5Roman CatholicTheology, LeuvenScholasticon
Sinnichius, Joannes B. (†1666) 8Roman CatholicTheology, Leuven
Siri, Giovanni D., O.P. (†1737) 1Roman Catholic
Sirmond, Antoine, S.J. (†1643) 4Roman Catholic
Sisto da Siena, O.P. (†1569) 17Roman Catholicen
Skarga, Piotr, S.J. (†1612) 16Roman Catholicen pl
Slotan, Johann, O.P. (†1560) 10Roman Catholicen | CE
Smiglecki, Marcin, S.J. (†1618) 19Roman Catholic
Smising, Theodorus, O.F.M. Obs. (†1626) 3Roman CatholicScholasticon
Smith, Richard (†1655) 3Roman Catholic
Smyth, Richard (†1563) 28Roman CatholicTheology, Oxford (1535-1548); Theology, Leuven (1549-1551); Theology, St Andrews (1551-1554); Theology, Oxford (1554-1556); Theology, Douai (1562-1563)DNB1
Snoy, Reinier (†1537) 14Roman Catholic
Soares, João (†1572) 4Roman Catholic
Soarez, Cyprian, S.J. (†1593) 4Roman Catholic
Sommier, Jean-Claude (†1737) 10Roman Catholic
Sonnius, Franciscus (†1576) 11Roman Catholic
Sorbière, Samuel (†1670) 7Roman Catholic
Soto, Domingo de, O.P. (†1560) 75Roman Catholicen es | Scholasticon
Soto, Pedro de, O.P. (†1563) 46Roman Catholicen es | Scholasticon
Sotomaior, Luís de, O.P. (†1610) 3Roman CatholicTheology, Coimbra (1566-1580)Scholasticon
Southwell, Robert (†1595) 1Roman Catholic
Spedalieri, Nicola (†1769) 7Roman Catholic
Spina, Bartholomew, O.P. (†1546) 4Roman Catholic
Sponde, Henri de (†1643) 13Roman Catholic
Sponde, Jean de (†1595) 5Reformed, Roman Catholicen fr | Haag1
Stadlmayer, Alphons, O.S.B. (†1683) 6Roman Catholic
Standish, John (†1570) 0Roman Catholic
Staphylus, Fridericus (†1564) 8Roman Catholic
Stapleton, Thomas (†1598) 195Roman Catholicen
Stattler, Benedikt A. (†1797) 5Roman CatholicTheology, Ingolstadten
Steborius, Christophorus, S.J. (†1639) 36Roman CatholicTheology, Ingolstadt; Philosophy, Ingolstadt
Steno, Nicolas (†1686) 23Lutheran, Roman Catholicen
Steuco, Agostino (†1548) 24Roman Catholicen
Stevartius, Petrus (†1624) 34Roman Catholic
Stiles, Ezra (†1795) 6Roman Catholicen
Stromair, Balthasar, S.J. (†1715) 8Roman Catholic
Stryjewicz, Sebastian F. (†1681) 1Roman Catholic
Suarez, Francisco, S.J. (†1617) 291Roman CatholicTheology, Rome (Gregorianum) (1580-1585); Theology, Alcalá de Henares (1585-1592); Theology, Salamanca (1592-1597); Theology, Coimbra (1597-1616)en es | Scholasticon
Summenhart, Conrad (†1502) 10Roman Catholic
Surius, Laurentius (†1578) 11Roman Catholic
Sylvestris, Francis de, O.P. (†1528) 20Roman Catholicen
Sylvius, Franciscus (†1649) 13Roman CatholicTheology, Douai (1613-1649)
Taelboem, Guilielmus (†1608) 2Roman CatholicNNBW
Tamás, Balásfy (†1625) 4Roman Catholichu
Tanner, Adam, S.J. (†1632) 88Roman CatholicTheology, Ingolstadt (1603-1618); Theology, Vienna (1618-1627); Chancellor, Prague (Charles University) (1627-?)de en | CE | Scholasticon
Tapia, Pedro de (†1657) 5Roman Catholic
Tapper, Ruard (†1559) 31Roman Catholic
Tarvisanus, Hieronymus, O.P.0Roman CatholicZedler
Telegdi, Miklós (†1586) 1Roman Catholic
Telles, Balthazar, S.J. (†1675) 4Roman Catholic
Tena, Luis de (†1622) 4Roman Catholic
Teresa of Jesus, Saint (†1582) 19Roman Catholic
Tetzel, Johannes (†1519) 1Roman Catholic
Texier, Claude, S.J. (†1687) 42Roman Catholic
Thamer, Theobald (†1569) 13Lutheran, Roman CatholicTheology, Marburg (1543-1549)